Pending Sale On Land Donated To Order Of Saint Pius V

On the feast of St. Gabriel, March 24th, the Real Estate agent called me to tell me someone had offered $55,000 for the 2 Acres that a generous family from Idaho had donated to me for the Order of Saint Pius V to spread the Latin Mass.

IMG_0520It has been a year and a half since I was, for the first time in my life up, in Prescott helping with St. Catherine’s 8th grade retreat.  I had just arrived at the camp where the retreat was being held, when the secretary from St. Catherine called to tell me that someone wanted to donate land to the order in Prescott.  I wondered; how in the world does someone know I am up here in Prescott.  When I called, the husband told me that he knew me from St. Patricks in Ripon/Escalon and now lived in Idaho and wanted to help me.

He gave me the address and I put it in my GPS.  It took me all over the country on dirt roads and through small creeks.  Thank God I had my van.  I finally came to a few houses when I found the property.  I went over to the neighbor and asked if there was another way out of this place.  He said: ‘There is a paved road just a little up the road.  I was so happy.

Many times, in this difficult time of moving away for all my family and friends to Phoenix Az, and having no success so far in starting the order, this donation of land has been a sign of hope from God and Mary for me to go on.

I told the agent I would pray about the offer and get back to her.  She said: ‘Call tomorrow’.  Well I knew I would call tomorrow, because it was the Feast of the Annunciation and I knew God and Mary would do something good on that day.  After I found out that the commission would be $7,000 I counter-offered at $67,000.  The people accepted my counter-offer.  Now we will see if it makes it through escrow.  They are doing a septic tank test.

Annunciation_Prado_detailI really do not care if it does goes through or not.  I just am very happy that God and Mary brought me some joy in the idea that this land will probably some day sell and help with my vocation to spread love and respect for the Latin Mass and the other Latin Sacraments.  It will also help me to teach people about traditional Biblical morals.  Besides this my vocation is to expose people to beautiful vestments, music, art, church architecture and altars.

I am sharing this with you all to have some good news.  But I am also doing it to motivate you too to start sharing all your knowledge of Our Great Traditional Catholic Treasures that were almost lost for good after Vatican II.

We are so blessed to have discovered God’s TREASURES and to be able to enjoy them and share them with others.