Sin Caused 150 Deaths, Germanwings

I noticed on a traditional Catholic blog a post about a 28 year old co-pilot, (flying for Germanwings), who apparently, on purpose, crashed the plane he was flying into the Alps, killing himself and the other 149 crew and passengers on board.  A huge investigation has been started to find out why a young pilot would want to crash a plane with himself and 149 others onboard.  His first name is Andreas which in English comes from the Apostle St. Andrew.

26PLANE6-hp-master675-v2Part of Jet on French Alps, Photo New York Times

For me it is an easy answer.  Sin + Sin = Death.

What else should we expect today when;

  • Many in the Church are now condoning sin, (like divorce and homosexual acts),
  • Those, (like Cardinal Burke and other priests), who speak the Gospel truth are being kicked out, silenced and punished.
  • Society celebrates sinful activity like murdering babies in their mother’s womb.
  • The internet, movies, music and TV are full of immoral messages.
  • Pornography has become a common entertainment for most young men and men. (some women too).  Maybe his problem was pornography?

So as good people are silenced, and evil people are celebrated in our society, we can only expect worse atrocities than this one.

26PLANE5-hp-master315Black Box of plane.  Photo from NYT

Progressives would say; ‘let us have compassion and mercy for this poor soul Andreas.  There must be a good reason he had to crash this airplane’.   But what about the crew and other passengers onboard?  Where is the compassion for them?

It is just like now when you never hear about mercy for the victims of divorce, the children who are traumatized for life and have to suffer being shuffled around week after week.  They no longer believe that permanent love and marriage is possible for them in the future.

I went to bless a house where they are having strange activity that is suspected as coming from the devil.  The grandmother was visiting with her boyfriend.  They proceeded to inform me that they were living together and that they would like to get married in the Church but could not because she had been ‘divorced’.  She called her separation from her husband she married in the Catholic Church, ‘divorce’.

Here is the problem, people think that once you are divorced, your wedding vows in the Church are no longer valid.  I asked them; ‘Is he dead’.  ‘I thought the wedding vows say unto death, (not divorce), do us part‘.

We had a long, calm discussion, in which I informed them that it was adultery that they were living in and that we should be deathly fearful of going to hell especially in our old age.  I told them they should separate and do things God’s way.

Instead of buckling under peer pressure and saying: ‘How can I help you annul your wedding vows?’, I said; ‘When you got married in the Church is was a life long commitment and God witnessed it’.  I will not go to hell for being the one whom Jesus say; ‘Let no man put asunder what God has joined’.  They did not get angry as I expected them to do.  They truly listened and I feel that they will take serious what I brought up.

26PLANESUB-articleLargeSearch team approaching Jet crash site.  Photo NYT

Today we traditional Catholics need to stand up to what is written in the Bible about sin and not buckle under for no reason what so ever.  Sin + Sin = Suffering + Eternal Death.