‘Do Not Buckle Under’ Archbishop Cordileone, Fr. Illo, Fr. Driscoll

Here is an example of a good Archbishop and priests being harassed for simply doing what is allowed in the Novus Ordo Catholic Church.  CBS SF Bay Area

20130626cnsbr0868In this article you will read the 3 things that the school parents are using to get rid of two great priests, (Fr. Illo is a very good friend of mine and I know Fr Driscoll.)

  1. No altar girls, allowed by the new canon law of 1993.
  2. No blessing of students at Holy Communion time. Not at all included in the New Mass’ rubrics.  Fr. Illo has gone back to blessing them when they should not be.
  3. Handed out a pamphlet on how to make examination of conscience when going to confession with reference to masturbation, sodomy and abortion.  A young boy took one of them and Fr. Illo has apologies for it.

Parents at the meeting claimed that Fr. Illo and Driscoll actions demonstrate “intolerance” and “hate”, “They are just not a good fit”

We are in very bad shape in our Catholic Church and our “Catholic” schools.

We are now watching the powerful bulling of the anti-christ of good Catholics by the ‘Spiritually Correct Catholics’.  Let us stay strong, pray and be willing to suffer rather than be marked with the beast.