Modernist Sins Are Only Social Injustice Sins

Why does the pope, cardinals, bishops, religious, priest and laity continue to say; ‘the worst sin is oppressing the poor or war’ and yet, on the other hand they can be soft on killing of the babies in the womb.

wpid-photo-21-sep-2013-1452Let us make it clear; there is no greater crime against the poor or violence in war than the killing of innocent babies by their own mothers and fathers and doctors and nurses.  They are murdered by those whom have the obligation to protect and save these new human lives.

tumblr_mw0u5fVXvC1r6mdnjo1_500One reason “Social Justice” issues are easy to be condemn by modernist, is that they can be isolated from what the Bible would calls personal sin.  Many of the people working for Social Justice are sinning sexually in their own personal lives.  (But of course they no longer call their sexual sins, SIN.)  They excuse their personal sins away by saying ‘they were born that way’, or ‘other people caused them to have to divorce and remarry’.

So when they preach against the oppression of the poor, or against war and violence, they feel good about fighting evil without having to preach against or stop the sexual sins that they may be committing.

The Bible is very clear about condemning oppression of the poor, the widow, the orphan and the stranger.  But it is also very clear about the 10 Commandments that include sexual sins.  The Old Testament has the stoning of men who sleep together as with a woman.  Sodom and Gomorra was destroyed by God for the sin of sodomy.  Onus was killed by God for masturbating.

A003_GoldChristChildBy Jesus dying on the cross, He gave us new graces to live an even holier life than those in the Old Testament.  (They did not have the graces of the Seven Sacraments.
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 We do.)  He says if we even lust, we have committed adultery.  He says if we divorce and remarry, we have committed adultery.

What the progressives and modernist ignore is that all social justice issues are cause by personal sin.  Divorce causes the breakdown in the family.  The breakdown in the family causes the breakdown in society.  Breakdown in society causes all sorts of social issues, like unemployment, crime, drug abuse, depression, isolation and poverty.

stethelburga300But a couple, married in the Catholic Church, who stay together till death, have many children and have an extended family, (Grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins), have more financial success.

The family that prays together and works together and live a moral life, have way more financial success.  The extended family helps each other with food, clothing and lend each other the tools and things they need.  They work together, lend each other money and have healthy fun together.

Divorced families have to have two house payments, two utilities bills, child support payments, legal fees, constant fighting, and other added expenses.

Let’s be clear: SIN IS THE CAUSE OF POVERTY AND WAR.  Much poverty in the world comes from fathers who sin by being drunkards or druggies or lazy.

The other sin that causes poverty is Greed.  We see this in the huge corporation and banks who’s only goal is a huge profit.
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 But we add to the corporations and banks sin by breaking the 10th Commandment of coveting our neighbors goods.  We see someone with something and we want it right now.  We borrow money by using our credit card and off we go adding to the greed and profits of big banks and corporations.  We need to only purchase what we have cash to buy with and what we truly need, not want.  There is absolutely no end to what we can want to buy.  And these things will never satisfy our souls.  Only a close friendship with God and other godly people will satisfy us.

Yes, war also cause poverty.  We can see this right now in Iraq and Afghanistan, where the Catholics and christians are being kicked out of their homes and becoming poor refugees.

Personal sin leads to social sin which in turn leads to wars, poverty, broken families and imprisionment.  We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to know obeying God’s laws leads to prosperity and peace.