Virgin Mary’s Example Helps Traditional Catholics

The example of the Virgin Mary, teaches us traditional Catholics that we have an indispensable mission to complete for God while we are still alive.  From before time, God thought about our existence, with a unique and definite purpose in His mind.  In His infinite wisdom God has planned out something very special that only we can accomplish for Him.Mary, Mother of God

Let us meditate on Mary’s unique role.  She too was thought of by God before her creation, with extremely important mission to accomplish.  Yet it did not appear so.

Mary was from the good family of St. Joachim and Ann from the royal line of King David.  Yet she lived in an obscure village called Nazareth in Israel.

And Nathanael said to him: Can any thing of good come from Nazareth?  John 1:46

This young girl was created by God to be the Mother of His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ.  All salvation hung on the YES of this young girl.  God does not oblige anyone to do His will. Mary had to co-operate with God’s plan to save humankind from the devil, sin and death.

Virgin Mary Annunciate_ANGELICO, FraWithout Mary’s YES,

  • Jesus could not have taken on our human nature in which He would be obedient to His Heavenly Father.
  • Without Mary’s YES, Jesus could not have come into the world to teach us about what only He knew, being the God.
  • Without Mary’s YES,  Jesus could not have expelled devils.
  • Without Mary’s YES, Jesus could not have done the miracles of raising people from the dead, walking on water, calming the sea, multiplying food, giving sight to a man born blind, healing the lepers and all the other sick people who were restored back to health.

By Mary saying YES,

  • Jesus was able to take on our human flesh from her, and in it,
  • He was able to suffer,
  • be crucified
  • and die on the cross.Coronation of the Blessed Virgin Mary_stained glass2

It was in our human nature taken from Mary that Jesus was able to rise from the dead and ascend back into glory.

In Mary’s humility, she answered the messenger of God, St. Gabriel the Archangel;

And Mary said: Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it done to me according to thy word. And the angel departed from her.  Luke 1:38

From Mary’s YES to the Holy Spirit to conceive Jesus/God in her womb, God’s salvific plan began to be implemented.  But her role did not stop there.  It was just beginning.  She raises and loved Jesus.  She stayed with Him in His horrific passion and death.  And after Jesus’ resurrection and ascension into heaven, she continued her role of praying with the Apostles for the coming of the Holy Spirit.

After her own body and soul were assumed into heaven by her Son Jesus, she continues her mission of interceding for us.  She continues to do God’s will and serve God in heaven.

MARYBABYJESUSWITHANGELSMUSICNow, 1965+-years latter, it is our TIME to ‘let it be done to us according to thy word.’  What is God asking of us?  What do we see in Our Lady’s actions that we traditional Catholics need to imitate.

  1. From a very young age she was totally consecrated to God.
  2. From a very young age she began to pray.
  3. Mary was 14 years old when she conceived Jesus, yet she was already willing to do God’s will.
  4. She was so humble that she called herself a handmaid or slave of the Lord.
  5. She overcame her fear with faith.
  6. She trusted that God had a good plan for her life.
  7. She quickly obeyed God.
  8. She let her Son Jesus do His Father’s Will without her interference.
  9. She accepted the suffering that her mission would entail of which she was informed of from the beginning when she heard the words of the Prophet Simeon; ‘And thy own soul a sword shall pierce,’.
  10. She was faithful and loving to her Son Jesus until His final breath on the cross.

We too have to discover our mission that God has for us to do in this dark time of history for mankind and the Church.  Are we listening to who our own prophet Simeon to tell us what will happen when we serve God?  Do we read the Bible so that we can ‘let it be done according to God’s word’?

Most of all, I think we need to see that in the beginning of the Salvific plan, things were difficult too.  But look at the end of the story, after all of Jesus and Mary’s suffering.  The resurrection.  The coming of the Holy Spirit.  The Apostles going out to all the world.  The world responding to the message of Jesus that they preached.  The down fall of the Roman Empire after they had tortured and martyred thousands and thousands of Catholics.  The conversion of millions of people all over the world to become Catholics.

So, today, our mission seems impossible.  But, if we stay faithful to what God is calling us to do, no matter what the price, we too will do our tiny bit that God needs in His wonderful scheme of things.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholic, even though we suffer seeing what is going on, even though we are marginalized by the Church and even though we are persecuted, we believe that someday, we too, will triumph with Jesus and Mary.