Traditional Palm Sunday Priest’s Preparation

As we are busy priests getting ready for Palm Sunday, I will just give an outline to help us have a Holy Celebration of Palm Sunday.

ottawa palm sunday viNeeded:

  1. Credence table placed in front of Altar on Epistle side.
  2. Palms placed on table.
  3. Pitcher of water to wash hands after distributing palms.

Priest, with purple stole and cope

  1. Sings ‘Asperges Me’ and sprinkles faithful with Holy Water.
  2. Puts in incense in Thurible and bless it.
  3. Facing people behind credence table prays blessing of Palms.
  4. Sprinkles holy water on Palms.
  5. Incenses Palms.
  6. Distributes Palms to highest clergy first, altar boys, then people.
  7. People genuflect and kiss Palm and priest’s hand.

Then the priest goes to Gospel side and incenses and reads Gospel Mt. 21:1-9

Priest then puts more incense in thurible and says; Procedamus in pace. In nomine Christi.

Procession (with all bearing palms) begins with this order.

  1. Thurifer
  2. Cross bearer with two candle bearers.
  3. Clergy.
  4. Choir.
  5. People.

Process outside of church.

Once returning into church, the priest says a prayer.

Priest then goes to cedilla and changes into chasuble and maniple.

He begins Holy Mass without prayers at foot of altar.
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 There is also no last Gospel.

It is also very advisable to have the Gospel Passion printed up for the people who do not have missals to read along with the priest when he reads it in Latin.