Entering Into The Passion Of Jesus, Holy Week

The last two weeks of Lent are centered around the death attempts on Jesus life by the Jewish authorities.  His betrayal, arrest, mock trials, beatings, the final “Via Doloroso” and crucifixion and death of Jesus on the cross.
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Passione-di-Cristo-Ecce_homo_bullasWe need to make time to enter into Jesus passion and death during Passion Week and Holy Week.
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 Here are some suggestions.

Schedule time to participate in all the solemn activities during these two weeks.

  1. Procession, Holy Latin Mass and Passion Narrative on Palm Sunday.  (Passion according to St. Matthew)
  2. Maundy Thursday evening with the washing of the feet of the Apostles, Holy Eucharist and the adoration afterwards at the Altar of Repose.  (Can you not watch on hour with Me).
  3. Prayer, Adoration of Cross and Holy Communion Good Friday afternoon. (Passion according to St. John’s Gospel)
  4. Easter Vigil with long readings Holy Saturday.

passion -eccehomoThose of you who go to daily Latin Mass in Holy Week, will find very long readings;

  • Monday,
  • Tuesday (Passion according to St. Mark).
  • Wednesday, (Passion according to St. Luke).

Just make time for God in this time of GRACE.  It is not called Holy Week for no reason.  It truly is a Holy Time of the Year.compassion-bouguereau

And of course and early Easter Sunday morning Latin Mass.  Jesus rose from the dead before dawn, not in the afternoon.
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