St. Joseph Added To Traditional Catholic Latin Mass Canon

In the Roman Rite Catholic Latin Mass, the center of the Holy Mass is the Canon or Eucharistic Prayer.  In this very sacred part of the Holy Mass, it is introduced by the Preface and Trice prayed ‘Holy Holy Holy’, ‘Sanctus Sanctus Sanctus’.

FrKennettatMass-640x427At this point of the Holy Mass, the bells are rung and everyone falls on their knees in humble preparation and adoration.  Everyone humbly gets down on their knees for what they know will soon to take place; Jesus will truly be made present, by the words of the priest who is in Persona Christi.  He exactly repeats Jesus’ words; “This is My Body”, “This is My Blood”.  At this moment, Jesus, the Lamb of God, offers His eternal Sacrifice of His Body and Blood on the cross, in an un-bloody manner, to Our Father the remission of our sins.

Although different readings and saints feasts were added in the Roman Missal, the exact words of the Roman Canon were never changed since the slight change Pope St. Gregory the Great made in 600 AD, when he added a few words to it.  The Roman Canon was unchanged for 1362 years.  It was not altered at all until 1962 when Pope John XXIII permitted the name of St. Joseph to be inserted.

st josephAlthough St. Joseph is such a wonderful powerful saint for the Catholic Church, the Church carefully guarded the integrity of the Roman Canon from any alteration.  In 1815, hundreds of thousands of signatures of clergy and laity were gathered to have his name inserted in the Canon.
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 But the Church would not dare change it.

What is so very very interesting to me, is that the leverage that finally changed the Roman Canon, after all those years, came from my own pastor, Monsignor Joseph Phelan at St. Joseph’s in Capitola California.  He collected over 150,000 signatures to put St. Joseph in the Canon.   I was baptized by him in the traditional Latin Rite when I was only 2 days old.  We lived closed to Capitola, in Aptos California.  It was not until later that they built Resurrection Parish where I attended for the next 20 years.

From this minute change, this small crack in the Roman Canon, Bugnini and his Concilium were able to dismantle the whole Roman Missal.

The Roman Canon was the only Canon in the Holy Latin Mass for 1369 years. The New Mass of Pope Paul VI has 4 Eucharistic Prayers (Canons) in the main part of the missal and many other optional Eucharistic Prayers in another part of the missal.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to be able to pray and work for the preservation of the Sanctus Sanctus Sanctus of the Holy Latin Mass.