Mary Tells Saint Veronica Giuliani About Hell

Several times, St. Veronica Giuliani was told about hell.  Here is the time when Our lady informed her about the 7 worse places in hell.  It scares me and helps me as priest to defend the Catholic faith.  It also motivates me to give Holy communion on the tongue and with a paten to prevent crumbs of the Sacred Host from falling on the ground.  This could happen when people receive Jesus in Holy Communion in the hands.  Crumbs do fall from their hands and then people proceed to walk all over Jesus on the church floor.

svata_st-veronika_giuliani_agnoletto_estasitormento_01The fourth place is for confessors who have not told people confessing of the gravity of their sins and have absolved them without them being willing to try to stop committing over and over the same sin.  Pretty scary for us priests who hear so many confessions.

Daughter, I want you to describe the seven sites, the most painful, that are in Hell, and for whom they exist.

  • The first is the location where Lucifer is shackled, and with him is Judas, who serves as his chair (seat), and there are all those who were followers of Judas.
  • The second is the location where all the ecclesiastics (clergy / clerics) and the prelates of Holy Church, since being elevated in dignity and honors they have most perverted the faith, trampling the Blood of Jesus Christ, my Son, with many enormous sins […].
  • In the third location that you saw, there are all the souls of the male religious and the female religious.
  • In the fourth, there are all the confessors, for having misled the souls of their penitents.
  • In the fifth, there are all the souls of judges and of the governors of justice.
  • The sixth location, instead, is that one destined for all the superiors (Mother Superiors/Father Superiors) of the religious.
  • In the seventh, lastly, there are all those who wanted to live according to their own volition and have committed every sort of sin, especially carnal sins.” (D IV, 744).

As the pressure grows for bishops and priests to be “Religiously Correct” from what is coming to us from Rome, the pope, cardinals and bishops, I for one, and all of us bishops and priests, need to seriously weigh being called in to the chancellory or being called into hell to spending eternity there.