We Need The Traditional Catholic Church Militant

A few days ago driving here in Phoenix Arizona, I saw two advertisements on the side of the road.  One had a picture of red handcuffs in the shape of hearts that said something like ‘fun toys’.  It is really used for sado-masochistic sex.   The other large sign said; “Life is hard”.  It was a sign for male medical treatments for you know what disfunction.

The world is quickly becoming more and more evil.   And if some Catholic person, priest or bishop starts to address these issues, the media and the people get up in arms.  Then these people, priests and bishops get in trouble and have to back down.

Now is not the time to be backing down from the blatantly evil events.   Now is the time buckle under.  Now is the time to stand up to the evil before it totally dominates the Catholic Church.

Archbishop_Salvatore_Cordileone_at_a_press_conference_for_the_2012_USCCB_Fall_General_Assembly_Nov_13_Credit_Michelle_Bauman_CNA_3_12_15Look what is happening right now in San Francisco California to Archbishop Cordileone.

“People are afraid to speak up (in support) because most of their colleagues oppose the additions to the handbook and because of just how disturbingly negative yet powerful the voices of opposition are,” a Catholic teacher who has worked at an archdiocesan high school for several years told CNA. “The media campaign against the archbishop has also caused fear among his supporters.”

‘Some local politicians have threatened legal action against the archdiocese, while the San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed a resolution critical of the handbook changes. Over 350 employees, about 80 percent of the staff and faculty at the archdiocese’s four Catholic high schools, signed a petition against the handbook additions. Students, teachers and parents have also engaged in several protests.’ CNA

Now is not the time to buckle under, but to stand firm and become the Church Militant.  Each one of us needs to speak up and be heard and do what ever we can within our abilities.  Yes, the battle is with so called “catholic” people, the world and the media.   But most of all, it is with the devil and all his minions.  So actions yes, but prayer, even more so.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to be on God’s side, not the devil’s.