Traditional Catholic Faith, Love And Support

Everyday people talk to me about their spiritual, family and financial problems.  I am so glad that I can be there for them.  I too have my share of problems too.  Having God, Mary, the Angels, Saints and good friends, really helps us get through these very difficult times.

Padre Pro 1Most of you reading this blog have some problem.

  1. You may be lonely.
  2. You may be depressed.
  3. You may be anxious.
  4. You may have problems with your children.
  5. You may have problems with you brothers and sisters or parents.
  6. You may have problems with your boss.
  7. You may have a problem with your co-workers.
  8. You may have a problem with your employees.
  9. You may be going through the dark night of the soul in your prayer life.
  10. You may be living in doubts about why God allows bad things to happen.
  11. You may have terrible temptations to deal with everyday.
  12. You may have health problems.
  13. You may have financial problems.
  14. You have a difficult marriage.
  15. You may have family members in jail or prison.
  16. You may have the vices of drugs, alcohol, smoking, gambling or pornography.
  17. You may be going through legal problems.
  18. You may have an eating disorder.
  19. You may have a hard time keeping order in your life and home.
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  20. You may have a problem with procrastination.Resurrezione

So how should we deal with our daily dose of problems.

  1. First we take time to pray to God, Mary, the Angels and saints for HELP.
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  2. Then we remind ourselves that God is always faithful to His servants.
  3. Remember God is allowing this problem to happen to us so that we can grow in FAITH and TRUST in Him.
  4. Recall how God has helped us get through difficult problems and test before.
  5. Be sure we do everything we can to resolve the problem.
  6. Know that GOOD always comes out of bad for those who love God.
  7. If you are responsible for the problem you are going through, be sure to LEARN the lesson from the problem and stop sinning or doing other actions that has led up to this problem.
  8. Share your problems with good friends so they can pray for you and support you.
  9. Get good advice from wise and holy priests and people.
  10. Know that every problem is allowed by God to helps us grow spiritually and to have more hope, faith and trust in His personal loving care He has for each one of us.
  11. Keep all things in perspective.  It could be a hundred times worse.
  12. Keep the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus in mind.  The cross ended in the victory of the resurrection.

After, with the help of God, Mary, the Angels and Saints, our friends prayers, support, love and our prayers and actions to resolve the problem, and we make it through it, be sure to take time to thank God, Mary, the Angels, Saints and friends who help us through these difficult problems.

Right now, let us thank God, Mary, the Angels and saints for having helped us in the past and for being with us right now in our worries, sadnesses, problems and temptations.  Every time we worry about our problems let us make an act faith and trust in God’s miraculous power.