Should Traditional Catholic Priests and Laity Compromise?

Let us make a list of things that continue to get worse in the Catholic Church.tumblr_static_sic-deus-dilexit-mundum_crop_ii-2

  1. A progressive bishop recently stated that “the vocation crisis to the priesthood is critical”.
  2. Priests abusing children, especially young men.
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     (US Bishops’ John Jay Report)
  3. Huge loss of money from law suits.
  4. Dioceses filing for bankruptcy.
  5. Closing parishes.
  6. Selling off churches and church property.
  7. Religious have very few vocations and are closing down and selling convents.
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  8. Many Catholic Hospitals no longer obey Catholic medical teachings
  9. Many “Catholic” schools do not teach the whole Catholic faith.
  10. Long list of “Gay Friendly Catholic” universities and colleges.
  11. Most students at Catholic schools do not go to Mass on Sunday.
  12. Large decrease in marriages of young couples in Catholic wedding ceremony.
  13. Most fertile Catholics use birth control.
  14. Babies are being murdered by the thousands by Catholics and others by abortion, abortificient birth control and morning after pill.
  15. Many Catholics leaving the Church to join non-catholic churches.

Statistics to not lie.  They cannot lie.  But because these changes are happening slowly, and because there still are enough priests and people to keep mass going, most bishops and priests keep steady on the same course toward shipwreck.

2010-burke-cardinalWhat do we see in traditional Catholic orders and families.

  1. Seminaries are full of young men willing to sacrifice everything to be priests. (FSSP)
  2. Traditional religious orders are full of young men and women. Monks of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary of Mt. CarmelClear Creek Monastery,  The Franciscan Friars and Sisters of the Immaculate. (Until they were suppressed by the pope), Benedictine Sisters of Mary Queen of Apostles.
  3. Traditional Families have large families.
  4. Many homeschooling families teaching their own children Orthodox Catholicism.
  5. Many Traditional school Academies are starting up.

So, when we priests and laity see all these things happening, are we not obliged to speak up against the roots of the demise of the Catholic Church?   But when we do, instead of being listened to and encouraged, we are persecuted, removed or silenced by those in authority who should be correcting the problem.

‘Cry out, do not hold back, lift up your voice like a trumpet blast; and tell my people their wickedness, the house of Jacob their sins.’  Isaiah 58:1

So, it is scary to speak the Gospel truth and stand the Catholic ground and not compromise with the devil, the world and progressive Catholic hierarchy.  It seems that the whole world and Church is against us.  As weak as we are, we need to be a prophets today.   We need to stay faithful and continue to teach what Jesus taught and what His 2000 year old Church teaches.

We traditional Catholic take great comfort that some day we will be rewarded in Heaven.  But, meanwhile, no matter how bad things are getting, we know that “The Gates of Hell will not prevail” against the Holy Catholic Church.