God Is Savior For Faithful Traditional Catholics

We traditional Catholics are too aware of all the evil and chaos in our world, our families and all that surround us.  It is happening faster and faster.  Things are getting worse and worse and there is more and more of it everyday.  We cannot really believe what we are seeing with our own eyes or hearing with our own ears everyday.

wpid-photo-20140428182201But it is not only in the world and our immediate families, but much more upsetting, it is also happening in our very own Catholic Church.  We cannot believe what we hear coming from the pope, cardinals and bishops.

The same is found in christian denominations, where they too buckle under the devil’s pressure and accept divorce, homosexual sex, abortion and other immoral things.

Then we have the muslims blatantly torturing and killing boys, girls, men and women.

Masons, the illuminati, wiccan and other satanic “religions” are on the rise.

Our governments continue to make sin lawful.  It started with laws to protect the killing of the baby in their mother’s womb.  And now the laws to protect homosexual ‘marriage’.

And because of this, most of us traditional Catholics are looking for a SAVIOR.  Someone or something that can save us from this growing evil in which we are submerged in everywhere we look, go or read about in the news.

I think that even the Neo-Cats are beginning to wake up and be worried too.

What I mean by Neo-Cats are Catholics who know hardly anything about Catholicism before Vatican II. And because of this, they defend all the changes that have taken place in the Catholic Church since Vatican II and up to today, generally calling it the infallible Magisterium.

Novus Ordo 1This is how Hilary White defines Neo-Catholics or Neo-Conservative Catholics written in the Remnant Newspaper ‘Revenge of the Neo-Cats‘;

“it refers to a “conservative” Catholic, often an American convert from evangelical protestantism, who adheres generally to and likes to make a show of defending the sexual moral teachings of the Church but is generally satisfied with the direction taken by the modern Church and the modern world.”

We need to state over and over again, a billion times;



So as we all know, things are not good, we are all looking for salvation from this train that has lost its breaks and is heading at an incredible speed to crashing and burning in hell.

Many traditional Catholics look to the Fatima message.  They say that Mary promised a period of peace in the world after the pope consecrates (only) Russia to the Immaculate heart as Mary asked at Fatima.  Pope John Paul II consecrated the world, but not only Russia, in 1984.  These traditional Catholics say things will get good again when a pope obeys Mary’s request at Fatima.

Last Vision of FatimaOther put their hope in the message of Our Lady of Good Success from Quito Ecuador.  our_lady_of_good_success13When Our Lady appeared to Mother Mariana of Jesus Torres y Berriochoa, a nun of the Conceptionist Order, in Quito, Ecuador.  Mary promised in that in our times;

“Then will the Church, joyful and triumphant like a young girl, reawaken and be comfortably cradled in the arms of my most dear and elect son of those times. If he lends an ear to the inspirations of grace–one of which will be the reading of these great mercies that my Son and I have had toward you–we shall fill him with graces and very special gifts and will make him great on earth and much greater in Heaven. There we have reserved a precious seat for him because, heedless of men, he will have fought for truth and ceaselessly defended the rights of the Church, deserving to be called ‘martyr.’”

I do hope that the pope will consecrate only Russia to the Immaculate Heart and I do believe in the message of Our Lady of Good Success. But I also say we are to put our faith in God as Our Savior and that things that are happening right now, are being done exactly according to His will.

God allows the consequence of sin to take their course.  The more we have heretical Catholics and other heretical christian, naturally Jesus’ truth is destroyed and separation takes place in the Body of Christ.

As muslims following their false prophet we see the results.

As schools, catholic and secular teach against Jesus and His Church, we have brainwashed students living self destructive and immoral lives.

Evil increases everyday as we have more and more of atheists, masons, illuminati, wiccans, satanists, sin, bad music, movies, videos, pornography, drugs, drunkenness, greed, divorce, homosexuality and bad families.  What else can we expect but evil?

God does do miracles.  But He also allows us wallow in the mire we produce.  In a way, that is our Salvation.  If we did not see how bad the fruits of our sins are, we will just keep on doing them.

all_saintsWe are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to know that God’s will is unchangeable.  His will will be done no matter how evil things get.  We know we are to be faithful to Him, His Church and His Bible.