Abp. Cordileone; Catholic Schools Are Catholic

For us traditional Catholics, we are not at all surprised over the attack of Archbishop Cordileone of San Francisco for simply being Catholic.  BISHOP SLATTERY CELEBRATES HIGH MASS IN EXTRAORDINARY FORM AT NATIONAL BASILICAThe enemies of the Catholic faith are even trying to use the California government and teachers unions to force him to back down on having Catholic teaching.  And of all places, Catholic schools.
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 He has asked teachers to sign an agreement to not publicly teach or support 1) the killing the unborn babies, 2) using chemicals or things to not conceive children and 3) homosexual “marriage”.

“administrators, faculty and staff of any faith or of no faith, are expected to arrange and conduct their lives so as not to visibly contradict, undermine or deny” Church teachings. 

350 of the teachers at “Catholic’ High Schools, in the San Francisco diocese, have signed a petition to remove this clause from the new teachers manual.

Jim Jordan who teaches at Sacred Heart Cathedral school said; “This language in this judgmental context undermines the mission of Catholic education and the inclusive, diverse and welcoming community we prize at our schools.”

All the years of liberal bishops and priests in San Francisco have caused this problem by hiring teachers, who want to receive a salary from a Catholic school, but who openly oppose Catholic teachings and refuse to live or teach the Catholic faith.

These words; judgmental, inclusive, diverse and welcoming; have hidden meaning to undermine what Jesus taught us and what the Catholic Church has, (up till recently), deemed evil or sinful.  These words are used to say you are the evil one for judging homosexual sex to be sinful.

Are they not being judgmental of Archbishop Cordileone?  Are they welcoming to those who believe in what Jesus taught and what the Catholic Church continues to teach?
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God bless Archbishop Cordileone.  Let us pray that he does not buckle under the heavy hand of the ‘non-judgmental, inclusive, diverse and welcoming teachers, parents and students at the ‘Catholic’ high schools in the San Francisco diocese’.

10625079_846538402032268_3994137908635514626_nBut as we traditional Catholics well know, all these schools will eventually close down, as have all the thousands of other liberal ‘Catholic’ schools have since Vatican II.  We are so blessed to be traditional