Another Priest’s View Of The Latin Mass

Monasterevin Sanctuary 1953I agree, (That the Latin Mass is by far more God oriented and sacred). I was 4 yrs old when my father taught me the answer of the (ministrans) altar boy in Latin. And as a 4 yrs old started to serve the Holy Mass.
After Vatican II many of the priest was disappointed and did not want to say the new Mass. But because of the Bishops threats of taking back the so called faculties and you are “dead”, they became obedient and not with joy and happiness said the new Mass called Novus Ordo. There is a lot to say, Actually volumes, but now time and mood… I offer both Masses but there is huge differences between the Tridentine and the Vatican II Masses. Of course Jesus is the same in the Consecrated Hosts, but the Sacredness and Sanctity and Beauty of the Tridentine Mass indisputable. I am a priest since 1973 and I started to offer the Tridentine Mass since 6 yrs, Thanks to the Holy Father Benedict XVI. Ad Multos Annos. Laudatur Iesus Christus.+