Traditional Catholic Exorcist Cont. 1

Continuation of the true account of the real exorcism of a 14 year old Rob from Jan. 15, till April 19, 1949.  From this real account, we know for sure that we do not want anything that has to do with sin, the devil, or hell.
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Santi di Tito -Vision of St. Thomas Aquinas 1593, San Marco, FirenzeObjects Moving.

An orange and a pear flew across the room where Rob was standing.  Milk and food were thrown oft the table and stove.  A breadboard was thrown on the floor.  The Holy Bible was thrown at the feet of Rob and a comb flew through the air to extinguish blessed candles.

While visiting friends in Boonesborough Maryland, the rocker in which he was seated spun around without him doing anything.

At school, his desk moved about on the floor.  He was so embarrassed from this manifestation, that from then on he did not return to that school.

Remember Jesus died on the cross to liberate us from the devil.  Go to confession, the Latin Mass, have your crucifix, scapular and St. Benedict’s medal on at all times.

Stay away from bad friends, music, Illuminati, Ouija board, pornography, sin, scary movies, Harry Potter, Twilight Series, Para normal activity pictures or anything else that is sinful and and the dark side.
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