Affordable Care Act And Big Brother

I received this notice from the Firm that is going to help me file my income tax this year.  Here comes Big Brother checking on everyone to see if they are getting their health Insurance.  There is a one year of “grace” where the form 1095-B or C is optional for this first year.  One of the huge cost to the ACA was the hiring of thousands and thousands of IRS employees to check on all citizens of the USA to enforce the mandatory health Insurance Affordable Care Act.


Affordable Care Act

The biggest issue that taxpayers and tax professionals will have to work with this year is the ACA or the Affordable Care Act.

If you have obtained insurance through the Marketplace, you will get a form 1095-A from the Marketplace. We MUST have that form in order to complete your taxes.

If you have private insurance or insurance through your employer, you may get a form 1095-B or 1095-C. These forms are optional for this tax year, however, if you have received one of these forms please bring it along.

If you are covered under a private insurance policy or a policy through your employer and did not receive one of the above mentioned forms, please make sure to bring the insurance cards of all family members with you to your appointment. If you are dropping your taxes off, we will make copies of the cards for our records.

If you are exempted from the minimum essential coverage, please make sure to apply for your exemption number at least a month before your appointment. You can find the application at we will have copies of the applications in our office.

Continue to pray for our government and all governments to convert and be under God’s insurance plan.