Traditional Catholic Exorcist Cont.

FireContinuation of the true account of the real exorcism done on a 14 year old Rob from Jan. 15, till April 19, 1949.  From this real account, we know for sure that we do not want anything that has to do with sin, the devil, or hell.

On Feb 26, letters were scratched on Rob’s body by claws.  His mother was from St. Louis and thought that a change to return there would be good for her son.  The first was word written on the boy’s ribs in deep red was ‘Louis’ and ‘Saturday’ on his hip.  And on the boy’s chest was written ‘3 1/2 weeks’.  This writing appeared with no motion of Rob’s hands and caused him great pain.  HIs parents were concerned about sending him to school and the writing appeared ‘No’ appeared on his wrist and a large ‘N’ on both legs.  Rob could not have done this writing since it sometimes was on his back.  At this point his mother was afraid to disobey the devils orders written on her son.