What Can Traditional Catholics Do?

We are in a Church and world filled with land mines.  Most Novus Ordo bishops, priests and Catholics have written us off as “extremist”, backward looking and not “Catholic” because we question the changes that Vatican II made.  They also do everything possible to hinder Pope Benedict’s Summorum Pontificum and making the Latin Sacraments available in any normal parish.  They hate anything that has to do with what the Church practiced before Vatican II.

stpetersbasilicavaticanThe world is full of groups who hate us too.  The muslims, the feminist, the homosexuals, the secular governments, the marxist, the media, the music, the movies are all against us.  It is because we live moral lives and are against homosexual sex, living together before marriage, immodesty, killing the innocent babies in the womb and believe in the permanence of the vows of marriage between a man and a woman.  The world is against us because we will not go along with the illuminati’s plan to have a one world religion and government.

There is only one power behind all this evil we experience all day long.   Behind the masons, illuminati, bankers, Hollywood, homosexual activist, atheist, pagan religions, muslims, protestantism, divorce, pornography, our government, is a demonic power.

‘For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood; but against principalities and power, against the rulers of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places.’  Ephesians 6:12

Here are 12 things we must do in this caustic environment where we pray in and live in.

  1. Start with me.  When all is said and done, I too will die.  I will personally have to give an account to God for all that I have done and have failed to do.  That includes the evil things I have done and the good actions I have failed to do.  I too, personally, live in a land mine of the devil, with constant temptations to get me to trip, fall and burn forever in hell.  Before I try to save the souls of others or try to reform the Church, I need to watch out for my soul, my words, my prayers and my actions.  So I need to prayerfully and humbly attempt to live pure lives and do God’s will in all situations.
  2. Pray.  Humbly I recognize that I can not save the world and that Jesus is the Savior.  But I still must help save souls and reform the Church by offering up the Holy Mass, praying, especially before the Blessed Sacrament and doing what I can.  Every Holy Rosary counts greatly too.  We are the intercessors for the Church and the world’s salvation.
  3. Give a good example.  Everything I do; how I kneel and pray, how I work, how I play, how I study, how I love and greet people, how I drive, how I eat and how I speak gives either a good example or bad example of what it means to be a true Catholic.
  4. Be willing to be persecuted.  Jesus, St. John the Baptist, the Apostles and all the saints were persecuted by church members and the world.  Jesus warned us; ‘Woe to you when all men speak good of you.’  It may not be long before the muslims, the masons and our own government begin to imprison us and kill us.  We must look forward to going to our true home in heaven.
  5. Have faith in God and Mary, Angels and Saints.  We are doing what God and Our Lady want.  We are not alone.  They feel all the pain we suffer for being true to our 2000 year old Catholic faith.  The Church belongs to Jesus.  He started it.  He promised that the Gates of Hell will not prevail against Her.  So He suffers along with us as we stand up to protect the Catholic Sacraments, the truth of the Holy Bible and magisterium.  God is with us and helping us.  Mary is with us and helping us.  The Angels are fighting along with us.  The saints doing their part to help us.  The holy souls in purgatory are praying for us.  We are not in the holy battle alone.
  6.  Speak the truth.  No matter what the cost, we need to speak Catholic truth to our families, our parishes, our friends, our priests, our bishops and to everyone who will listen.  We speak the truth with love, firmness and intellectual facts.
  7. Detachment from human respect.  One of the greatest enemies to carrying the cross and to follow in Jesus’ footsteps is carrying about what others think of us.  We put our eyes on what Jesus thinks about us and not what others do.
  8. Fight fear.  I read that the only fear we should have is of having fear itself.  People and the devil put fear in our hearts to discourage us from doing and saying what is right and paying the price for that.  Jesus said over and over, ‘Fear is not needed, but faith.”
  9. Keep everything in perspective.  God is a billion times greater and more powerful than the rebellious pope, cardinals, bishops, religious, priests and laity.  Right now most of us are still able to speak what we believe as Catholics.  Right now, in some parts of the world we are free to pray and go to the Latin Mass.  Right now we are out of prison and able to eat, rest, have a family, walk, play and work.  All we have is right now.
  10. Do not get discouraged.  We are only called to be faithful and do what we can.  So we take one step at a time.  The saying goes; “A thousand mile trip begins with one step.”  As the communist have said, ‘Do not expect to control the world overnight.
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    ‘   No, they just work slowly and eventually it happens.
  11. Watch, write down and share miracles.  As we go through ‘this valley of tears’, we go with God, Mary, the angels and saints.  And because of this there will be obvious miracles that will accompany us.  Expect miracles to happen.  Through out the history of the Catholic Church and the martyrdom of the saints, many many times God showed His support by miraculous events.
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     God will continue to do miracles today too.
  12. Support each other.   Jesus sent the Apostles out two by two.  We need to pray together and work together.  We need to help each other, love each other and have fun with each other.

st peters papal massIt is so difficult to be a traditional Catholic today in the Church and in the world, but we are nonetheless so so blessed to be so close to Jesus’ heart in the suffering bleeding Mystical Body of Christ, His Church.