21 Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Men Beheaded By ISIS

The Coptic Egyptian Orthodox Diocese of Los Angeles, Southern California and Hawaii had Tony Rezk make an icon of the the 21 Coptic Egyptian Men who were beheaded by the hands of the the ISIS in Libya last week.

Tony Rezk_21 Coptic Martyrs of 2015_2015The Icon shows them kneeling near the Mediterranean Sea before they were beheaded for Christ.  They are in the orange jumpsuits they died in and have red sashes to show that they shed their blood for Jesus.  The angeles are showering down on them the crown of martyrdom.  Many verbally professed Jesus as they died.AVVENIFOTO_45142876_300


Let us keep on praying the Holy Rosary for the conversion of all those behind the beheading, torturing, kidnapping, rapping and crucifying of the Christians in muslim countries right now.  We need to pray about what else we can do as well.