“Exorcist” Movie Is From This True Case Study

If you need some help to want to change your life this Lent, take some time to read the true story behind the movie the “Exorcist”.  Maybe it might be good to read it and meditate on what sin and the devil does to us. This young man was eventually liberated.  What about us maybe having to deal with the devils for all eternity.  Lent is a good time to get away from all sin, things (smart phone), people and places that could damn us for all eternity.

Crucifixion_Christ_on_the_Cross_DELACROIX_Eug_neCase Study
Birth of Robby, 1935
Baptized Evangelical Lutheran at 6 month.
Father; Baptized Catholic but non practicing.
Mother; Baptized Lutheran.
Maternal Grandmother; Catholic until 14 yrs old.
Paternal Grandfather; Baptized Catholic but non practicing.
On January 15, 1949, at the home of Robby in Cottage City, Maryland, a dripping noise was heard by Rob and his grandmother in the grandmother’s bedroom.  This noise was continued for a short time and then the picture of Christ on the wall shook as if the wall back of it had been bumped.  By the time the parents of Rob returned home, there was very definitely scratching sound under the floor boards near the grandmother’s bed.  From this night on, the scratching was heard every night about seven o’clock and would continue until midnight.  The family thought that the scratching was caused by a rodent of some kind.  An exterminator was called in who place chemicals under the floor boards, but the scratching sound continued and became more distinct when people stamped on the floor.
The scratching continued for ten days and then stopped.  The family finally believed that the rodent had died.  Rob seemed to think he still heard the noise but the family did not hear anything for a period of three days.  When the sound became audible again, it was no longer in the upstairs bedroom, but had moved downstairs in the boy’s bedroom.  It was heard as the sound of squeaking shoes along the bed and was heard at night only when the boy went to bed.  The squeaking sound continued for six nights, and on the sixth night scratching again was audible.  The mother, grandmother and boy while lying on the bed on this night heard something coming toward them similar to the rhythm of marching feet and the beat of drums.
The sound would travel the length of the mattress and then back again and repeat this action until the mother asked, “Is this you aunt X? She had died in St. Louis two weeks after the first sounds were heard in the home of Rob. The mother continued to ask questions but had no verbal reply.  She asked this question, “If you are Aunt X, knock 3 times.”  There were waves of air striking the grandmother, mother and Rob, and three distinct knocks were heard on the floor.  The mother asked again, “If you are Aunt X, tell me positively by knocking 4 times.”  Four distinct knocks were heard.  Then there followed claw scratchings on the mattress.
When the mother or the grandmother paid no attention to the mattress scratching, the entire mattress would begin to shake.  The action at times was very violent.  On one occasion the coverlet of the bed was pulled out from under the mattress and the edge stood up above the surface of the bed in a curled form as though held up with starch.  When it was touched, the sides fell back to normal position.  The scratching on the mattress had been continuous since the first night it was heard.
To be continued…..