Evil Everywhere, But God Everywhere Too.

Yesterday, as I was driving, I saw this on the trunk of a new upscale Volks Wagon. The VW symbol was painted black and around it were two horns, an arm with the devil’s pitchfork and a tail.

IMG_3596The whole car was grey black, the tail lights black and windows tinted so you could not see into the car.  It also had decals on the windows that were somewhat like that are used for superman but different with “S” in them.  I assumed they were for “satanist”?

mary 4I am just posting this to let us know that when there is not true Catholicism, people are drawn to the dark side.  Let us be holy, humble and prayerful.  Mary is the one God has given to us to crushed the devil.   Thank you God. Thank you Mary.