Fr. Volpi Fined Over Franciscan Friars Of Immaculate

The Facts:

On December 8th 2013, Father Fidenzio Volpi wrote in a letter:

il-Kommissario-e-il-Papa“A thing which is extremely grave – and  I bring to your official knowledge only now – was the transfer of assets of moveable goods and immovable real estate, belonging to the Institute, to lay people, known as spiritual sons (or daughters) and family members of the Founder, Father Stefano M. Manelli, and also to some parents of the nuns.
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” Father Volpi continues: “Such maneuvers, gravely illicit from a moral and canonical point of view, with repercussions in the civil and penal sphere, occurred after the nomination of the Apostolic Commissioner, thus manifesting the will to subtract such funds from the control of the Holy See.” The Commissioner tries to conceal the measures regarding it: “Those who have done or permitted all of this have fallen into grave fault, and, if a religious,  are subject to severe canonical sanctions. Something similar has taken place also in the works of the apostolate: the publishing house, and television.
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[…] Well then, for these lies Father Volpi,  [after] negotiating with the entire Manelli Family, whose honour was damaged, and consequently having admitted the felony [reato] of defamation and lies [menzogna, also: falsehood] on February 12th 2015, as fair compensation, will have to pay 20,000 Euros to the Manelli Family, plus all legal expenses, the publication of a public apology on internet sites run by him, as well as circular letters to all of the friars and nuns.  

Source: Chiesa e post concilio. and translated by Francesca Romana at Rorate Coeli