Jesus Crucified As On Shroud Of Turin

 Lent starts with this Wednesday Feb. 18 which is Ash Wednesday.  During this Lent we can work on eradicating sin, even the attachment to sin, out of our lives.  To help us do this we can meditate everyday on this authentic reproduction of the what Jesus suffered in His Crucifixion for our sins as left on the Shroud of Turin.  The impression was left on the shroud as Jesus rose from the dead.  B_771_Xto_1
Jesus suffered all this for my sins and your sins.  Jesus help us repent and stop sinning.
Every Holy Latin Mass is the re-made presence of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross at Calvary, in an un-bloody manner like you just saw on this crucifix.  This is why we do not clap, happily sing, just as Mary would not be doing at the foot of the cross on Calvary.
We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to mourn with Mary the suffering Jesus went through to save us from the devil, free us from everlasting death and to forgive us our sins.  He paid a terrible price for our sinful actions.
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 May we be sorry and thankful to Him for such a sacrifice of Love.