Hymns For Seven Founders Of Servite Order Feb 12

These hymns are taken from the traditional 1960 Catholic Latin Breviary.  They are found in Prime and Lauds for the Feast of the 7 Founders of the Servite Order on Feb 12.  Seven-Holy-Founders-of-the-Servite-OrderThey say so much in so few words.  They lift up our hearts to try to be pure and holy.  Seven-Founders-of-the-Order-of-Servites-631x604They make us question? To what are we still unduly attached to in this world.  Do we want to shine with Jesus, Mary and these 7 saints forever in heaven?

When war was raging, and the town
Was red with blood of brother bands,
Our Virgin Mother bowed her down
With bounteous hands.

Seven faithful sons she bid to share
Her dolours, all the shame and loss,
Which Jesus suffered and she bare
Beneath His Cross.

Soon as their Lady called, as nought
They deemed their palaces and wealth,
The mountains, desert places, sought
Far off, by stealth.

For others’ sins the scourge they plied
As they the way of penance trod,
By prayers and tears they turned aside
The wrath of God.

Token of love the Mother’s hand
Gave to her sons their garb of woe,
Sanctioned the pious work they planned
With wondrous show.

The vine to spread their honours wide
Her shoots in winter greenly flung;
See, those are Mary’s servants, cried
The infant tongue.

Now to the Father thanks and praise;
To Thee, O Son, the same we send;
To Thee, O Spirit, through all days,
World without end.


The_Seven_Sorrows_DurerThe Fathers lived a life in shade,
Yet seemed to Peter’s vision seven
White glistening lilies, for the Maid,
The Queen of Heaven.

Through city street, o’er hills and plains,
Upborne by Love Divine, they trod,
To fix in men the Mother’s pains,
The swords of God.

This was the power in which they spoke
Till each wild passion owned their sway :
They cheered the sad, from sinners broke
Their chains away.

Till at the last the Virgin Queen
Led them to mansions in the sky,
Mansions where garlands aye are green,
And never die.

May they hear cries of all who pray,
And see how hard our earthly strife;
Aiding us onward to the day
When all is life.

Now to the Father thanks and praise;
To Thee, O Son, the same we send;
To Thee, Great Spirit, through all days,.
World without end.


Why Mary’s inspiration led,
A sevenfold offspring comes to light;
At Mary’s call away they sped
To Mount Senario’s rugged height.

What fruits of grace the earth shall bear
When they have sown their seed divine!
Christ’s vine shall bud with clusters rare,
Empurpled with the ruddy wine.

A holy death to heaven speeds
The souls with virtue’s glory crowned;
When Mary for her servants pleads,
Heaven’s blessed portals they have found.

O happy souls who now obtain
The Kingdom, and the sceptre bear,
Look down on us who still remain
Where Satan spreads his subtle snare.

Therefore on bended knee we pray,
For sake of Mary’s bitter grief;
Chase darkness from our mind away,
And give our troubled hearts relief.

And Thou, O Trinity Divine!
Confirm us in Thy Holy Grace!
That as we may our hearts incline
To walk in these thy servants’ ways.

God and Mary are with us now, especially in this dark time of the Church, where most Catholics, pope, cardinals, bishops, religious, priests and lay people question some part of the 2000 year old teachings of the Catholic faith.  But as in those days at Florence Italy, God will work through Our Lady and raise up a few good men and women to spread the flame of Catholic truth again.