“Hunger Games” Books and Movies Sound Marxist

A parent asked me what I thought about the Movie “Hunger Games”.  He and his wife are traditional Catholics and try to keep their children from the contamination of the dangerous “Hollywood virus”.  So I read a Catholic review of the books and movies.

Hunger-Games--1024x576See Any Flames Of Hell Here?  Just Asking?

Although it has virtuous aspects of sacrifice and love, the Marxist struggle of the classes seems to come through very very clearly.  This is called the dialectic tension between the classes that brings about social evolution.

Here is the definition of Materialist dialectics;

“Materialism- (philosophy) the philosophical theory that matter is the only reality.”

  • No God,
  • No supernatural reality.
  • No metaphysics.
  • What you see is what you get, that’s it.
  • No soul.
  • No afterlife.
  • No reward in Heaven.
  • No punishment in Hell.

Marx and Communist say that since all we have is this life, the poor need to duke it out here with the rich to get a piece of “the wealth pie” while you are still alive.  Since there is no God, there are no rules.

So it is alright to get what you deserve anyway you can;

  • Revolutions.
  • Violence.
  • Torture
  • Im-prisionment.
  • Forced labor camps.
  • Stealing from the rich.
  • Indoctrination of those who do not agree.
  • Murder of those who get in the way.
  • Get rid of all superstitious religions and their teachings.

Hegelian dialectic philosophy puts the struggle between the thesis or proposition against its anti-thesis and that is resolved by a higher level of truth and becomes a synthesis of the thesis and anti-thesis.

marxdial_1Diagrams From Boston College

The Marxian view is that matter alone exists and changes which brings a constant conflict between the opposites that is in all events, ideas and movements.


Before Marxism and Communism, the wealthy may have had more means of spying on the poor.  And I am pretty sure that today big corporations spy (the Hummingbird) on us to see how to sell us things we do not need.  A recent notice I read of how Samsung TV (that have voice command option) is also listening to what people like and dislike so as to market them directly??

But Communist systematically spy on everyone.  You never knew who is your friend or enemy in your family or outside your family.  So the Hummingbird is for them “Big Brother Watching You”.

And ever since 911, the United States secularist and socialist government has become the “Hummingbird”, collecting information about;

  • me, as I write this blog,
  • and about you who read a traditional Catholic blog,
  • who we make our phone calls to,
  • what we say while talking on the phone,
  • track us when we use our GPS or Map quest,
  • and send emails,

in their huge computer that Snowden exposed and had to then flee to the “ex-communist” country of Russia.

lenin's formula 'rules for revolution'So when you hear about the poor being manipulated by the rich, as true as that has been in many cases throughout history, be cautious about the Marxist, socialistic, materialistic agenda behind Hollywood’s movies.

In “Hunger Games” when you see labels like Capital, (insinuating Capitalistic) and District of poor people, watch out.  It has also to do with class struggle and the battle of the sexes between a teenage girl and a teenage boy.  You also see the worst thing of people working in mines and loosing their lives.  This is terrible, but it is used to get the greatest sympathy and arouse animosity against the Capitals.

Another thing is that it is in a way preparing for these Hollywood Reality Shows to really get young men and women to star in real violence and murdering.  You can be sure there would always be someone who would want to star to become famous, even if it meant evil actions.

We are traditional Catholics and believe in loving everyone, the rich, the middle class and the poor.  We believe in justice for all based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Everything we own by right belongs to God, not us.  So we need to be very careful how we use the goods we have here in this life.  We always need to help the poor and never exploit them.

Jesus, Mary and St. Joseph were poor.  Who are we to look down on or exploit the poor.  We need to share what we have with those who have less.  We need to give fair salaries to those who work for us.

Never ever forget to tell everyone; “Atheist Communism has killed 125 Million people”.  This does not include the millions and millions who were starved, tortured, put in forced labor camps, im-prisoned and still survived.  Right now this is going on in China, Cuba and Vietnam.  Muslims do terrible things, but so do atheist communist marxist.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to pray and work for Christendom, where the Church rules by God’s rules and the government live by God’s rules.  Long live Christ the King.