Not Only Muslims Have Tortured, Communist Too

This story; “Blood Of The Martyrs” by Theresa Moreau, tells of truly traditional Catholic Trappist missionaries and how the communist tortured and killed them for Jesus Christ.

YKPtheodorus.yuan“The death squad, Communist soldiers at the ready, loaded their rifles with fresh rounds of ammo. Shots rang out. The monks collapsed upon the blood-splashed, frozen ground. Their lifeless bodies dragged to a nearby sewage ditch and dumped into a heap, one on top of the other. Alerted by the shots, wild dogs, roaming the village’s dirt roads, scavenging for scraps, hurried over to the bodies to investigate. Sniffing, they lapped up the warm blood, steaming in the icy air. It was all over. Our Lady of Consolation was no more. By that spring of 1948, 33 of the abbey’s monks had been martyred during the Death March. Then the Chinese Communists went after Our Lady of Joy. By 1951, two more had died for the faith. This is the story of the Trappist monks of Communist China, as told from the grave.” Read the long, but very excellent and sad story here.

YKPour.lady.of.consolationOur Lady Of Consolation Trappist Monastery China 

It will help you prepare to be a martyr too.
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 What has happened to our missionaries since Vatican II?  We have accepted even Castro, while in China right now Catholics are being in-prisoned, tortured and killed.  Let us pray to these monks for the conversion of the pope, cardinals, bishops, especially religious, priests and the whole Catholic Church.  Let us also pray to them to convert China to be Catholic.800px-NoccoloAndMaffeoPoloWithGregoryX“In 1271, Pope Gregory received a letter from the Mongol Great Khan Kublai, remitted by Niccolo and Matteo Polo following their travels to his court in Mongolia. Kublai asked for a hundred missionaries, and some oil from the lamp of the Holy Sepulcher. Pope Gregory X could spare only two friars and some lamp oil.” 800px-PoloBrotherAndKubilai

If only there had been those 100 missionaries China could have been Catholic today.  Any missionary vocations out there?