Eternity Draws Near!

Eternity Draws Near

Angel of Death_VERNET, HoraceYou must die; be always prepared.  You may die when you least think of it.  You will die, and the moment of death will decide your lot for Eternity.

Consider, meditate, ponder well that terrible word “ETERNITY”.  O Eternity, which alone deserves our care and solicitude!  O Eternity, which alone is neglected and forgotten by the generality of mankind!  Who will give to mine eyes a fountain of tears that I may weep over this forgetfulness of Eternity?  O Eternity, who shall measure thy depth; who shall sound they boundless abyss?

Millions and millions of ages are nothing when compared with Eternity!  After millions and millions of years there will still remain a never ending Eternity.

Everything else passes away; but Eternity never passes away.  Happy the just, who shall reign with God during a whole Eternity.

Woe to unhappy sinners!  If they die in mortal sin they shall suffer for all Eternity.

Francis Borgia_At the Deathbed of an Impenitent_Goya y Lucientes, Francisco de (1)Yes, my soul, after this short life thou must live forever either in a state of endless happiness or of endless misery.

Thou are now suspended between these two Eternities; one or the other must be thy final lot.  Canst thou hesitate to choose between an Eternity of happiness or an Eternity of misery?  What then wilt thou do?

Think of death, which is the gate to Eternity.

Think of Judgement, which is to decide thy lot for Eternity.

Think of hell, which is the abode of a miserable Eternity.

Think of heaven, which is the habitation of a happy Eternity.

Continually labor to secure the all-important concern of Eternity.  Repent, watch, pray, suffer patiently all the evils of this life, and strive courageously for a happy Eternity.death

“O Lord, spare me not in time, provided Thou spare me for Eternity.”

From “Prayer-Book For Religious, Benziger Brothers  1904

‘Be not judge in your own case, but distrust yourself, and adore the Father of lights in spirit and in truth. It is written: Happy the man who always fears!’
-St. Paul of the Cross