Traditional Catholic Holy Rosary And Muslims

St. Dominic was trying to convert the Albigensian heretics and was not having much success.  The Blessed Mother Mary appeared to him and told him to trust in her intercession to her Son Jesus by reciting the 15 decades of the Holy Rosary.  St. Dominic took her words to heart and began spreading the devotion of praying the Holy Rosary.

Crusader_shield_sword1One of his spiritual sons, St. Pope Pius V, was a Dominican.  When the Ottoman muslims were inflicting terrible defeats to the Catholic countries, St. Pope Pius V remember Our Ladies promise of help when the Holy Rosary was prayed.  Cyprus had fallen in 1570 to the Turks and all the inhabitants were raped, slaughtered or made into slaves and concubines.  Then when Farmagusta fell 1571, captain Marco Antonio Bragadin was flayed alive, stuffed with straw and sent to Istanbul as a war trophy to the Sultan Selim II.  All this effected St. Pope Pius V very much.

Don_Juan_dAustria_1 2Don Juan Of Austria, 24 Year Old Commander Of Catholic League That Won At Lepanto

So he gathered together the Papal galleys, the Knights of Malta, Venice, Genoa, the Savoyards, and Spain (who was in possession of Naples and Sicily) to form the Holy League.  He put Don Juan of Austria (the illegitimate son of Roman Emperor Charles V) as commander of the Holy League.  Don Juan was only 24 years of age.

rosary1Saint Pope Pius V also organized the recitation of the Holy Rosary all over Europe.  On Sunday Oct 7th.  The Holy League set sail for Lepanto off of Greece.  The Ottoman fleets (under the command of Ali Pasha) out numbered the Catholic fleets.  But by a miracle they defeated them.  Some say that the captured muslims confessed to having seen Our Lady in the sky which cause them to panic.  That day thousands of Catholic slaves were freed from the muslim galleys.

So this is why the popes have made this such an important feast day.  Again in 1683 Mary interceded for victory for the salvation of Europe from the muslim invasion of Vienna by the defeat of the King of Poland.
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 Also the final defeat of the muslims in Hungry in 1716.  All with the help of Our Lady.

So as we live in a world where the Catholics and christians are being bombed, tortured, burned and forced to convert by muslims in all the muslim countries of the world, we need to be praying the 3 traditional mysteries of the Holy Rosary.

In Europe, because of birth control, aborting babies and with homosexuality, Catholics and others are having very few babies.  More and more muslims are immigrating or illegally entering into Europe.  If things go as they are now going, they will simple occupy Europe.  Then watch what happens.  And it is all the Catholics fault because they have not obeyed God by getting married and having all the children God wants to give them.

ISIS-armyWe want to pray the Holy Rosary for the conversion of the muslims to the Catholic faith.  They would make great Catholics.  They really practice what they believe.  It is an evil  religion, but they live it with passion.
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 Maybe if they converted we would learn from them to have passion for our Catholic faith and be willing to die for it too.

Meanwhile we have great faith in the power of the Holy Latin Mass and the Holy Rosary.  We know that offering the Holy Latin Mass and praying the Holy Rosary have great power. We totally believe in Our Lady’s help for us who cry out to her.  But we still need greater faith in God and in Mary’s help.  We are so so blessed to be protected by God, Mary and all the angels and saints in heaven.

This is what is written in the traditional latin breviary.

“When the heresy of the Albigenses was making head against God in the Country of Toulouse (France), and striking deeper roots everyday, the holy Dominic, who had but just laid the foundations of the Order of Friars Preachers, threw his whole strength into the travail of plucking these blasphemies up.  That he might be fitter for the work, he cried for help with his whole soul to the Blessed Maiden, whose glory the falsehoods of the heretics so insolently assailed, and to whom it hath been granted to trample down every heresy throughout the who earth.

It is said that he had from her a word, bidding him preach up the saying of the Rosary among the people, as a strong help against heresy and sin, and it is wonderful with how good a success he did the work laid upon him.  This Rose-garden (or Rosary) is a certain form of prayer, wherein we say one hundred and fifty times the salutation of the Angel and the Lord’s Prayer between every ten times and, each of the fifteen times that we say the Lord’s Prayer, and repeat tenfold the salutation, think of one of the fifteen great events in the history of our Redemption.  From that time fourth this form of godly prayer was extraordinarily spread about by holy Dominic, and waxed common.  That this same Dominic was the founder and prime mover thereof hath been said by popes in divers letters of the Apostolic See.

helpchristiansFrom this healthy exercise have grown up numberless good fruits in the Christian Commonwealth.  Among these deserveth well to be named the great victory over the Sultan of Turkey, which the most holy Pope Pius V and the Christian Princes whom he had roused, won at Lepanto, (on the 7th day of October the first Lord’s Day in the month, in the year of our Lord 1571).  The day whereon this victory was gained was the very one whereon the Guildbrethen of the most holy Rosary, throughout the whole world, were used to offer their accustomed prayers and appointed supplications, and the event therefore was not unnaturally connected therewith.  This being the avowed opinion of Gregory XIII, he ordered that in all Churches where there was or should be and Altar of the Rosary, a Feast, in the form of a Greater Double, should be kept for ever upon the first Lord’s Day of the month of October, to give unceasing thanks to the Blessed Virgin, under her title of (Queen of) the (Most Holy) Rosary, for that extraordinary mercy of God.  Other Popes also have granted almost numberless Indulgences to those who say the Rosary, and to those who join its Guilds.

In the year 1716, Charles VI., Elect- Emperor of the Romans, won a famous victory over countless hordes of Turks (near Temeswar) in the kingdom of Hungary, upon the day when the feast of the Dedication of the Church of Mary of the Snows was being kept, and almost at the very moment when the Guildbrethen of the most holy Rosary were moving through the streets of Rome in public and solemn procession, amid vast multitudes, all filled with the deepest enthusiasm, calling vehemently upon God for the defeat of the Turks, and entreating the Virgin Mother of God to bring the might of her succor to the help of the Christians.  A few days later, (upon the Octave of the feast of the Assumption,) the Turks raised the siege of Corfu.

Satan Before the Lord_GIAQUINTO, CorradoThese mercies Clement XI. devoutly ascribed to the helpful prayers of the Blessed Virgin, and that the memory and the sweetness of such a blessing might for all time coming endure gloriously, he extended to the whole Church the observance of the Feast of the most holy Rosary, for the same day and of the same rank, (as it had already been in the places before mentioned.)  Benedict XIII. commanded the record of all these things to be given a place in the Service-book of the Church of Rome; and Leo XIII., in the most troublous times of the Church and the cruel storm of long pressing evils, by fresh Apostolic letters vehemently urged upon all the faithful throughout the earth the often saying of the Rosary of (the Blessed Virgin) Mary, raised the dignity of the yearly festival, added to the Litany of Loreto the Invocation Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, and granted to the whole Church a special Office for this solemn occasion.

Let us all then be earnest in honoring the most holy Mother of God in this form which she liketh so well, that even as the entreaties of Christ’s faithful people, approaching her in her Garden of Roses, have so often won her to scatter and destroy their earthly foes, so she may gain for them the victory over their hellish foes likewise.”

Repost.  Please pray the whole Traditional Holy Rosary, Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries every day for the conversions of sinners, muslims, protestants, atheist, marxist, homosexuals and liberal Catholics.  May God through Mary’s intercession give us peace in our world, our countries, dioceses, parishes and families.
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