President On ISIS, Catholic Crusade And Inquisition

The president, who has helped legalize and fund the killing of thousands of babies by abortion all over the world, this week dared to compare us Catholics with the muslim ISIS;

“Lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ.”

KnightWhat we need to do is to restudy the truthful facts of why the Crusades began.  The popes, and other European Royalty were hearing first hand (what we are now seeing, reading and hearing about today about the ISIS), what muslim were doing.  (Torturing, burning to death, heads being cut off, raping, enslaving men and boys, putting women and girls in harems as sex slaves and forced conversion to islam).

osmanli-cellatlari-4Muslim Torture During The Time Of The Crusades

When Christian Orthodox Constantinople was falling to the muslims, they asked for help.  There is so much written information on the atrocities the muslims have done over and over again through out history.
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 It all stems from a heretical concept of God.
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Yes, there was some evil abuse of power and pillaging done by the Catholic Crusades.  When the Crusaders lost, usually it was because they were not being Holy Catholics, but greedy sinners.  But the evil they did is a minuscule amount in comparison to what has, is and will be done by muslims.
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220px-EmpalementThe Muslims Would First Put A Red Hot Metal Pole In First, So As To Cauterize Blood Vessels To Stop Bleeding And So Men Could Live Up To 3 Days In Torture

We need a new Crusade.  I will be reposting my blogs on the successful battles, (Lepanto 1571, Vienna 1683 and Belgrade 1716), against Jihad by of praying the Holy Rosary and Catholics men willing to lay down their lives for Christ the King.

When I heard that St. Pope Pius V had everyone pray the Holy Rosary for the success of the Battle of Lepanto, it was then that I decided to pray all 15 decades for the conquest and conversion of the muslims and all other sinners.  We cannot win by man’s strength and intelligence.  It can only be done by faith in God and prayer.  We pray to get God and Mary fighting for us, and to guide us in all our actions.

sr_ROSARY-AND-SWORD-225x224Let us pray, pray and pray.  Let us believe, believe and believe In God’s power.  Offer up your Holy Rosary for the conversion of the muslims.  And also we need to give them good examples of what it means to be Holy Catholics.