Stupid Bowl Halftime Flames From Hell

On a blog, News and Faith, they had a picture of Katy Perry from Stupid Bowl Halftime.  Look at her name.  Katy, from St. Catherine of Siena.  Perry, usually a Portugese name and of whom there are and were many Catholics.
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 Our Lady of Fatima appeared in Portugal.

super_bowl_69793It is clear from picture to see that she is surrounded by flames.  The microphone is red, orange and yellow, the colors of flames too.
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These flames used to mean flames backfiring out of a hot rod engine.  But, 15 years ago, the flames became different and put on everything.  Instead of heading horizontally away from the cars engine, these flames come up from below, from where, hell.   They were extremely popular on shirts, hats, front grills of pickups and license plate frames.  I would try to tell people that those were flames from hell.  But as usual, they could care less.

I guess the idea behind all this is to get people comfortable with burning flames so that they no longer fear burning, especially burning forever in hell.

The News and Faith web site also has horrific pictures of the pilot in Lebanon body engulfed in flames as he is burned to death in a cage by ISIS.  These pictures actually tell the horrors of flames and what the muslims are doing.  I cannot even bear to see these photos, let alone put them on the blog.
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 Imagine today, we actually have to see pictures of someone burned to death in a cage by muslims.  It is hard to even comprehend.

iuOur Lady Of Fatima Opened The Earth And Showed The 3 Children People In Hell 

As you know, I have been posting a lot about hell recently.  Yet, the fact is that very very few people are actually afraid of going there.  This pilot’s horrific pain ended at his death.  The pains of the flames of hell only begin at death for those who are damned and go continue for all eternity.

Let us do everything possible to save people from being burned to death in this world.  But much more so, save souls from burning forever in the flames of hell.  Let us be bold and share with them our Catholic Faith, that Jesus gave us and died for, so that they can be saved from the everlasting flames of hell.

FireIf you love anyone, tell them you love them too much to let them be burned forever in hell for rejecting Jesus, His Catholic Faith or committing mortal sins.  It is all about love.