“Fifty Shades Of Grey”, Evil Book And Movie

On the Holy Feast of St. Valentine Feb. 14th, the movie, based on the sexually explicit book “Fifty Shades of Grey”, will be premiered.  Its premier is being promoted on the everyday media.

Countess+Caroline+de+Lannoy+Wedding+Prince+wDA8hkiXLWUlMany women have given up sacred sex between them and their husband after a life long vow of Holy Matrimony and for the purpose of having children.   As a result of this, they are now reading and fantasizing about being sex slaves to men who will even torture them while at it.

“Last year, Vintage Books announced that it had sold 100 million copies of the series. Ms. James, a middle-aged British mother and former television producer, was credited with introducing the concept of BDSM (standing for, loosely: bondage/discipline, domination/submission, sadism/masochism) into the mainstream vernacular.” New York Times.

The male character who sexually seduces and abuses the young woman, is called Mr. Christian Grey.  Just see how evil the devil is as to put the main character with the name of those who follow Christ.  He is a 27 year old billionaire.  Many women would like to have a rich boyfriend.

The female character is named Anastasia Steele.  Anastasia comes from the Greek word ανάστασις (anastasis), meaning “resurrection”, (Jesus’ Resurrection).  There are also two St. Anastasias martyrs. Here is the story of the St. Anastasia who is in the Roman Canon of the Catholic Mass.

stanas1The jailers realized that she was a Christian and took her to the prefect of the district, who tried to persuade her to deny Christ by threatening her with torture. After his unsuccessful attempts to persuade St. Anastasia to offer sacrifice to idols, he handed her over to the pagan priest Ulpian in Rome. 

The cunning pagan offered St. Anastasia the choice between luxury and riches or grievous sufferings. He set before her gold, precious stones and fine clothing, and also fearsome instruments of torture. The crafty man was put to shame by the bride of Christ. St. Anastasia refused the riches and chose the tools of tortureBut the Lord prolonged the earthly life of the saint, and Ulpian gave her three days to reconsider.

Charmed by Anastasia’s beauty, the pagan priest decided to defile her purity. However, when he tried to touch her, he suddenly was struck blind. His head began to ache so severely that he screamed like a madman. He asked to be taken to a pagan temple to appeal to the idols for help, but on the way he fell down and died. 

St. Anastasia was set free, and she and Theodota again devoted themselves to the care of imprisoned Christians. Before long, St. Theodota and her three sons accepted martyrdom. Her eldest son, Evodus, stood bravely before the judge and endured beatings without protest. After lengthy tortures, they were all thrown into a red-hot oven. 

St. Anastasia was caught again and condemned to death by starvation. She remained in prison without food for sixty days. St. Theodota appeared to the martyr every night and gave her courage. Seeing that hunger caused St. Anastasia no harm, the judge sentenced her to drowning along with other prisoners. Among them was Eutychianus, who was condemned for his Christian faith. 

The prisoners were put into a boat which went out into the open sea. The soldiers bored holes in the boat and got into a galley. St. Theodota appeared to the captives and steered the ship to shore. When they reached dry land, 120 men believed in Christ and were baptized by Sts. Anastasia and Eutychianus. All were captured and received a martyr’s crown. 

St. Anastasia was stretched between four pillars and burned alive. A certain pious woman named Apollinaria buried her body, which was unharmed by the fire, in the garden outside her house. 

In the fifth century, the relics of St. Anastasia were transferred to Constantinople, where a church was built and dedicated to her. Later, her head and one hand were transferred to the Monastery of St. Anastasia near Mount Athos”

Please let people know that as a Catholic, or just as a decent human being, you do not believe in books or movies that promote sexual abuse, exploitation or torture of women as does “Fifty Shades of Grey”.

When we give in to our sexual passions: pornography, masturbation, premarital sex, adultery, homosexual sex, we will eventually become slaves to our sexual passions and maybe, even literally to another person to be abused and tortured by him.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to know that it is holy, healthy and safe to live sexually chaste lives.  This includes relations in the bonds of Holy Matrimony and Sacred vows celibacy in the priesthood and religious life.

The movie should be called “Filthy Sex of Grey”.  But then maybe even more people would want to go.