Please Pray For “Stupid Bowl” Phoenix Arizona

I have been offering the Holy Latin Mass  to be protected from all the evil that has descended upon us here in Phoenix during this “Stupid Bowl” week.  So far mine and other peoples prayers have brought a lot of “rain on the parade” here.  It is raining outside right now.  So I want to ask all of you reading this blog to please pray that somehow many people will be converted and to turn away from sin.

header-shieldJust imagine how much time, energy and money could be spent of spreading the Kingdom of Christ the King.  But instead it is being wasted on tickets, hotels, alcohol, transportation, partying and prostitutes, all in the name of getting hyped-up for “Stupid Bowl”.  Right now there are still 117 tickets available, ranging from $9000 to $68,888 each.

ex-prostitutes-who-proselytize.22007.40There is a good article on a prostitute who worked “Stupid Bowls” and has left that sinful life to live at Dignity House, a program here in Phoenix Arizona run by Catholic Charities.   There is also this article on an ex-prostitute helping prostitutes get out of their sinful lifestyle and into Dignity House.

They have already arrested more than 1000 prostitutes so far here this week.  There is talk of 100,000 prostitutes sinning with men this week.

I want to encourage all of you traditional Catholics to organize family and friends gatherings tomorrow to play sports, eat and have a good time without Television or alcohol.

IMG_1329Tomorrow, as usual, we will be having our ordinary Sunday sports for the altar boys and their dads.  Every Sunday afternoon, we play Basketball or Soccer.  We pray a lot too.  Every time the ball goes out of bounds, we kneel to pray for:

  • the conversion of the world,
  • for everyone to become traditional Catholics,
  • for the spreading of traditional Catholicism,
  • for billions of young holy traditional Catholic priests and religious,
  • for the conversion of our pope, cardinals, bishops, priests and religious so that they will live and preach the 2000 year old Catholic faith and teachings,
  • more joy and happiness in our lives,
  • deeper faith,
  • stronger prayer life,
  • to take time everyday for prayer especially before the Blessed Sacrament,
  • to believe that when we pray, God does answer
  • to believe in God’s power,
  • for a greater appreciation for all we have and all God continues to give us,
  • for sexual purity,
  • that all youth will value their virginity and stay virgins until they get married,
  • end of pornography,
  • conversion of muslims,
  • conversion of protestants, atheist, hindus, Buddhist, satanist, Jehovah’s witnesses,
  • conversion of feminist, communist, secularist, homosexuals,
  • conversion of masons, illuminati,
  • conversion of alcoholics and drug addicts,
  • conversion of the drug cartels and gang members,
  • end of killing babies,
  • for families
  • marriages,
  • end to divorce,
  • end to living together before marriage,
  • more appreciation for nature God created,
  • good employment for those who are out of work,
  • end of greed,
  • for the healing of all who are sick,
  • for those who are depressed to be happy again,

These are some of the things we pray for every Sunday afternoon as we play sports and exorcise.

photoI am totally against girls playing sports with boys.
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 But it is also good to have sports for girls too.
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 photoSo try to organize men and boys sports along with women and girls sports.