Stupid Bowl Sunday Phoenix Arizona

Living here in Phoenix, this year they are hosting “Stupid Bowl”.  On the way to pray the Holy Rosary at the abortion mill, I saw a sign that says: “celebrate your inner football.”

header-shieldKarl Marx said that; “religion is the opiate of the masses“.  What he means is that religion tells people to put up with a difficult life here (oppression by the rich), and receive the reward in heaven.
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 He was an atheist and believe that there is no heaven.  So he advocated revolutions and murder of the rich and intellectual to take the wealth away from the rich and make the majority of people (masses) have some more of the wealth pie.

o-SUPER-BOWL-570Last Year Stupid Bowl Atheist Add Making Fun Of Catholics And The Salutation To Mary

Father Carota says; “Sports are the opiate of the men”.  While the ISIS are slitting throats of christians in the middle east, babies are being murdered, everyone is stealing from each other, marijuana is made legal, men sit around a stupid screen or pay big bucks to watch a few men throw around a blown up pigs skin ball.  (Some are saying they are deflating the ball instead of inflating the ball.)

Sports are great, but to be played, not watched.  That is why we traditional Catholic men and boys play soccer or basketball every Sunday afternoon.  It is competitive and good exercise.  We pray a great deal while at it too.

They say that the highest level of wife, girlfriend beating in the year is on “Stupid Bowl Sunday”.  Men get to “let their inner devil” out of them, become “men”, get drunk and beat  their wives or girlfriends.

NO.  Sunday is for God.  It is the Lords day.  All that money wasted on “Stupid Bowl” could be given to the poor who really need it or to help traditional Catholic groups spread the good news of the Bible Based 2000 year old Catholic faith.