Traditional Catholic Priest Invites Jehovah Witnesses In

Just now, as I was working on my blog, two black men, with a Bible and pamphlets, came to my door.  As you have already guessed, they were Jehovah Witnesses.  One of the neighbors had told them to go talk to me because I was a priest.  I guess the neighbor got rid of them by sending them to me.   They told me this after a while of discussion.

Charles & Maria RussellI opened the door with kindness and invited them in.  They seemed a little reluctant, but came in and sat at the table with me.  They told me where they had read somewhere that a priest had agreed with them and had converted to J. W.   He told me he would bring the article and maybe I knew the priest.  I told them that there are 100,000’s of priests.

Then I told them I would allow them to torture me to death rather than leave the true Catholic faith. I told them I love being a Catholic priest and helping people.  We discussed Jesus being God, the Trinity, Bible and Judaism.

C.T._RussellThe younger man asked me why there are so many different religions if there is only one God.  And this is what I answered;

  1. Sex:
  • Martin Luther left the priesthood because he wanted to get married and beak his vows of chastity, poverty and obedience as an Augustine monk.
  • Charles Russell (Jehovah Witnesses founder) was divorced by his wife for cruelty and for inappropriate behavior with his 15 year old servant girls.
  • Joseph Smith (mormons), had an affair with many women and with a girl of 16,

Smith’s first known sexual affair was with a teenager named Fannie Alger, who was living with Smith and his first wife Emma in their Kirtland, Ohio, home. Fanny was also Smith’s first confimred plural wife. Smith “came to know [her] in Kirtland during early 1833 when she, at the age of 16, stayed at his home as a housemaid. Described as ‘a very nice and comly young woman,’ according to Benjamin Johnson, Fanny lived with the Smith family from 1833 to 1836.”  Read here

  • Mohamed married many wives, one of which was 9 years old.

The other great reason is the interpretation of the Holy Bible.  I explained how the Holy Bible should be read:

  • Start with the 4 Gospels which contain the actually words of Jesus Christ.
  • Then study the Acts and the other Epistles.
  • Then study the Old Testament.
  • Have great humility, knowing that we do not know or understand everything.
  • Accepting that the Holy Bible is very confusing and needs a greater guide than oneself.  (The 2000 year old Catholic Church)  I explained that I trust St. Jerome’s interpretation way better than my own, because he lived 360 years after Jesus, he lived in Bethlehem, he knew Latin, Greek and Hebrew, he studied the Jewish faith from Jews of his time, he lived a life of prayer and mortification and he helped women become nuns.
  • Every one of the 40,000 christian churches has its own interpretation of the Bible. None of all these are 100% in agreement with all the other christian churches.

We agreed that there are parts of the Holy Bible that can be understood by anyone.  But the problems come from other parts that are more difficult to understand.

They asked me where I was from and where I have been.  So I told them I am from California and started St. Francis Catholic Kitchen.   I told them that the guest there had all read the Bible so many time while in prison or jail and I had to argue with them all the time.  I told them my parents taught me the Bible since I was a boy.

I also answered by telling them that I have worked in Brazil, Mexico and the Philippines with the poor.  They asked me, I just told the truth.  Catholics do more for the poor than any other religion.

In the end, they said, “well we see you are very sincere”.  I said I believe most J.W. are sincere, but mislead.  I said a prayer that Jesus would bring us all together in truth.  They left very happily and I welcomed them back when ever they wish.