What To Believe And Do To Be Truly Catholic # 6

7th Commandment:

7thcommandment“Thou Shalt not Steal”.

Under this commandment we are told to do all financial actions honestly.  We are to put in our work hours.  We are to pay fair wages.  We are to pay back all our debts promptly.  We are never to take anything that is not ours, unless we have been given permission from the right authority.

“Even thieves do not like being stolen from.”

We are not to be greedy and always want more and more.  We are to be thankful for what we have and to share what we do not need with those who are in need.  We are not to take interest on a loan.  We are not to be in debt with credit cards.  We should give money to the Church and the poor.  No selling or buying stolen goods.

Greed is an ugly sin.  Jesus said:

“Lay not up to yourselves treasures on earth: where the rust, and moth consume, and where thieves break through and steal.  But lay up to yourselves treasures in heaven: where neither the rust nor moth doth consume, and where thieves do not break through, nor steal.  For where thy treasure is, there is thy heart also.”  Matt. 6:19-21

8th Commandment:

8thcommandment“Thou Shalt not Bear False Witness against thy neighbor”.

Under this commandment we are commanded to always tell the truth. Jesus said “I am the way, the TRUTH and life”.  We want to be like Him.  We do not want to be like the devil, who is the father of all lies who says I am the snare, the lie and death.

It is extremely important to never lie to God, a priest or our parents.  Other lies are serious, but these are even more serious because of the person you are lying to.  Often when children lie to their parents as to where they are going, many bad things happen.  I personally know 4 girls who were rapped when they lied or snuck out of the house without their parents knowledge.  When we lie to those in authority over us, God seems to let go His shield of protection and bad things can happen.

“Even liars do not like to be lied to.”

When we lie, people do not know who we are anymore.  Neither can they trust us anymore.  Then we can be come even chronic lyres.   We can even start to believe our own lies.

PinocchioWe are not to be hypocrites; saying one thing and doing another.  God sees everything we do behind close doors.  We always practice what we preach, priests and parents alike.

Our tongues are for prayer, sharing the Gospel and for giving good advice, not lies.  God will ask for an account of every word spoken in truth and in lies.  Gossip is ugly.  Making up false things about others, or spreading rumors that one is not sure are true, are very serious sins.  It is better to be silent and contemplative than to be blabbing all the time.