What To Believe And Do To Be Truly Catholic # 5

6th Commandment:

holy_family_carpenter_shop“Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery”.

This commandment demands of us to live chaste lives.  That means only sexual relationships between a man and woman after are married for life in the Holy Sacrament of Matrimony in the Catholic Church to have children.

It means no masturbation, premarital sex, homosexual sex, bestiality, living together, extra marital relationships or pornography.  Sex is sacred and only to be done in a holy way; no oral sex or other dirty sex.  Just natural sex.  Women are daughters of God and not to be made to do dirty sex or be obliged to see pornography so as to have “better” evil sex.

Under this we are not to lust after others, think dirty thoughts or dress immodestly to cause lust.  Women should dress as women with dresses or skirts, (not men’s pants).  Men should dress as men, not letting pants sag showing their underwear or tight pants.  When swimming, men and women should wear t-shirts and never sexy bathing suits.

We should dress up as much as possible, especially when going to church.

We never use birth control because children are the greatest blessing God can give to us and are the only reason for sex.  Biology class explains this very well.   Couples are not to use new procedures to get the “designer child” they want.  Children are not a commodity that you have when you want or a curse, as most people think, after they have the only  ones they wanted.

We never can be sterilized by a tubal ligation or a vasectomy.

We can never do immoral things to conceive a child, like masterbation to put the sperm in tube to be artificially inseminated or have an egg harvested from the mother to have a child conceived in a petri dish.

Our body is good and the “Temple of the Holy Spirit”.  We do not put tattoos on it or body piercing.  Much of this is used for sexual attraction.  All this money it takes to get tattoos could be given to the poor and the time spent used to pray and help others.