Pope: Catholics Don’t Have To Breed “Like Rabbits”

Parents of large Catholic families have often been the recipients of a lot of ridicule for having had more than 3 children.   Now, they have to hear it from their pope who by using the word “Rabbits” is automatically comparing the sacred conjugal act that produced sons of God, with “rabbits breeding”.

vargas gonzales family 025-1Do You See Any Rabbits In Here This Large Catholic Family

I know personally what this feels like.  My parents had six of us natural children and adopted 13 more.  Often my parents were ridiculed and threatened for having so many children.  And it those days, most Catholic families did not use birth control or kill their un-wanted babies by abortion or morning after pill.  People would joke that my parents didn’t watch TV and were having a lot of sex.  Most people at that time were having just as much sex, but without wanting children, which is the biological end of sex.

“Catholics should not feel they have to breed “like rabbits” because of the Church’s ban on contraception, Pope Francis said on Monday, suggesting approved natural family planning methods.

“Some think, excuse me if I use the word, that in order to be good Catholics, we have to be like rabbits – but no,” he said, adding the Church promoted “responsible parenthood”. Yahoo News

Also I read that on his trip to the Philippines he said that the Church “still”, (as if it can change doctrine), holds its prohibition of birth control.  But, he added, in the confessional, priests should be lenient.  That is like saying, I up hold Catholic marriage, I condemn birth control, but I will absolve you when you decide it is “moral” for you to use.

That is exactly what caused the sexual revolution in the Catholic Church.  Humanae Vitae came out, but in confession, at the pulpit and a conferences, it was being told it was up to your conscience.  And now, most Catholics “happily” use birth control and make sacrilegious Holy Communions every Sunday.

If it were not for the Mexican immigrants, the Catholic Church in the United States would me decimated and only have mostly old people and a few children once in a while at mass.

Toribio Romo Family040-1I Only See God’s Sons and Daughter In This Large Catholic Family, No Rabbits.

God told Adam and Noah to go a multiply like normal sons of God.  And when they do so, they are not “rabbits”.  All animals have sex to multiply, and it is good that they can.  Let us say that fish decide to use birth control.  The environmentalist would have a fit because the whales and all fishes would become extinct.  People are soon going to be on the extinct list too.  That is actually what the green people want, and the pope is playing right into their hands.

Yes, is a woman is in danger of dying from another pregnancy, then I support NFP.  But just because they have a large family, does not mean that they need to use NFP.  They talked about poor families with no food for their children and being responsible.  God provides for these children food.  He will not give them the College education, the new car, new clothes or iPhone, but He will give them “Our Daily Bread”.
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Poverty is not caused by children, it is caused by sin; the sin of greed (of the rich), alcohol and drug abuse of fathers, divorce and laziness.