What You Have To Believe And Do To Be Simply Catholic #1

If you have a Holy Rosary around your rearview mirror or around your neck, you somehow identify as a Catholic.  If you have a statue of the Virgin Mary or some other saint in the your front yard, you also probably identify as a Catholic.

gold_rosarySpending time in Mexico, being a priest in California and Arizona, I come in contact with many many Catholics.  But very very sad to say, most of these, who call themselves “Catholic”, are no way near living a life that is a true moral Catholic life.

Catholics have been swimming in the world, polluted with sewer, for so long, they, like most people, can no longer tell that they are up to their necks in sewer.  They can no longer recognize feces for what it is; poop, and have come to accept contaminated water and life as normal.  And they even add to the poop by their own sins, words and example.  They no longer find anything wrong with sewer and poop, (sin).

For this reason, I have come up with a simple list of Catholic morals and behavior.  It is in no an exhaustive list, but simply the way that God, Our Lady and the Church teach us to behave as Catholics.

Jesus tempted in the desertSo, to get it straight right off, to be a Catholic means to live 100% the way Jesus asks us to live.  That means living the way that God has divinely revealed to us through the Bible and the Holy Catholic Church.  This is a very very difficult way to live and because of that, very very few Catholics are living a thoroughly Catholic lives in the everyday practical way.  And for this reason we need to pray a lot.

Most Catholics who read this list, will disagree with it, and therefore prove that they are not really Catholic, but “protestant catholics” who protest against whatever they do not agree with that is contained in the Bible or in Catholic Church’s teachings.

While still alive and living in this life, people make up their “own” concept of “God”, “Purgatory”, “Heaven”, “Sin” and “Hell”.  But then, when all is said and done; when we have died, only then will these Catholics and other non Catholics know exactly what God tried to tell them on this side and of which they refused to believe.

jesus-crucifixion1It will be a horrible experience to die and find out they were wrong and that the Catholic Church and the Bible were right.  But after death it is too late, and more than likely, they will be damned forever to suffer the pains and fires of Hell.  But before they are eternally damned, they will be shown by God all the consequences of everything they believed, did and justified as OK, (when it was not).

So the study of this list is a very very important thing to do while still alive.  It is even important for us who are trying to live the way Jesus and the Catholic Church teaches.  We may still be ignorant in some way and this will help us before it is too late, I mean before our eternal judgement.

Moses_With the Ten Commandments_CHAMPAIGNE, Philippe deThe way I am going to describe the way to live a true Catholic life is by going over the 10 Commandments.  I will begin in my next blog.