Happiness Comes From Traditional God And Family

Do not forget that happiness is possible, but something that is obtain only with faith and work.  It takes faith and time spent in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament to believe in and experience God’s love for us.  It takes enormous effort to pray the Holy Rosary everyday together as a family.  The same is true when it comes to communicating as a family and to get along with each member of our family.

1488094_293688644120189_113383214_nWe are willing to work hard to earn money to buy something we think will make us happy.  Yet this work, this money or this thing, will never bring us the fulfillment and happiness that a happy marriage or family can give.  But it will take great work too.

IF you are the only one who wants a better marriage or family, you have to begin alone to pray for your family.  Then begin by trying to get other members to pray with you for a happier marriage and family.  Then begin trying to take serious time out to talk with different members of your family to try to overcome barriers that are separating you from having a happy home.  It will not happen over night.  But we never give up.  No, we pray, have faith and keep on talking and working to make our marriage and our family a happy one.

Circumcision_San Marco_altarpiece_1451-52When children are young, they naturally want love, attention and affection.  Work on these normal virtues while they are young.  Talk to them about the need to love and stay together as a family.  We naturally want love, attention and affection.  And there is nothing wrong with healthy love, attention and affection.CommunionbyCarloFrithjofSmith

Most children and spouses go outside the family to get what they naturally need.  That is why husbands and wives, parents and grandparents need to take time to express holy family love and affection everyday.  That is why the mother at home is so important.  For this reason the children and husband want to come home.

Some huge family and marriage killers are the TV, the computer, and smart cell phone.  Many family members can physically be together while they are all watching TV or reading text messages instead of loving and communicating with each other.  We become addicted to virtual attention that is not natural or fulfilling.  We live vicarious lives through other peoples pictures on Instagram and comments on Facebook, rather than living a loving meaningful life right where we are at.

Most youth are just waiting to get a text message or phone call to hear from someone or to be invited to go somewhere.  They are emotionally empty and bored.  Any small attention or exciting news will grab their attention and off they go to try to fill up their empty emotional tanks.  And for this reason they can easily get involved in unhealthy relationships and sexual relationships.

IMG_3440So, please make a serious commitment to God, to your marriage and to your family to begin to work on God’s source of happiness and fulfillment right there in your own home, just waiting to grow and develop into years of happiness.
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We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to know what is natural, real and fulfilling; God, a good Catholic marriage and many large extended family with many children.