The World’s Attack On The Traditional Catholic Family

We need to remember that for years the freemasons and communist have planned to bring down Catholic countries, and other free countries, through the break down of the family.  This is important for them in order to be able take away christian values that are passed on down from the Church through the family.

Masoner_a_IlluminatiThe family is strong because there is a natural respect and love that children have for their parents.  The family easily passes on christian values that are in opposition to the brainwashing of the “state”.    So to change society into a secular and atheist one, the children must be indoctrinated by government schools, not the Catholic Church or parents.  All higher education institutions we infiltrated with communist and masonic teachers because youth are open to changes for change sake simply because they have no experience from which to evaluate what is a good or bad change.

atheismThe means of social communication became controlled by the progressive socialist to be able for them to introduce their “new” values into all levels of society.  As the television became available in every household, these “new” values were easily inseminated into all families.  They would watch other people living different types of lives whom would become their role models of how to be human, what marriage should be like, what to buy and what it meant to be “happy”, rather than learning this at church and from older family members.

Margaret Sanger and KKKThis became a world wide phenomena in the 60’s.  At this time too, the birth control pill became more available.  Margaret Sanger from Planned Parenthood was able to promote sex without children through the TV.  And once you could have sex without bringing about a child, you could have sex with whom ever you wished and not run the risk of getting her pregnant and having to face the public shame of the adultery.  Abortion began to be more available, and soon after became legal.

As children are removed from the sexual union between a man and a woman, they have no reason to stay in a lasting monogamous marriage, so “free” sex became in vogue more and more.  The stigma of “being a divorcee” was removed by all the reports of the movie stars getting divorced.

abbyNewspaper columnists, like “Dear Abbey” or Ann Landers, were read by almost everyone.  They had a big influence on removing christian values from families by removing the stigma of “living together” and other deviant behaviors.   She taught people to not be judgmental and to accepted their friends and families living immoral lifestyles.

For Catholics in the United States, probably the Kennedy family had the greatest ill effect.  Most Catholics were Democrats and voted for John Kennedy to become president.  The Kennedy family was idolized.  But they were progressive Irish Catholics and many Irish prelates in the US were friends with them.  Then they looked up to the rich and wanted to be part of this rich life style.  This is where Rockefeller, (a strong powerful mason), had his influence on them.  Through him and his friendship with Margaret Sanger, the Kennedys influenced Catholics to accept using birth control.

JacquelineOnassisKneelingBeforeRichTheir immoral sexual lives which have all come out, the brothers having sex with many women before and after marriage: Pres. Kennedy with Marilynn Monroe and Ted drowning  Mary Jo Kopechne, at Chappaquiddick.  There is even talk about Pres. John Kennedy being brain washed by partying with LSD in the White House.

On top of all this, came the experimenting and use of drugs, (which some say were introduce purposely for the down fall of the USA by the Communist?), Rock and Roll introduced by TV and nudity and sex promoted on every level of society.

But probably the greatest influence ever, has been the promotion and availability of pornography.  I have read that the video player was developed by the porn industry to be able to make sales of pornography successful?.  The pornography industry is probably behind making internet available everywhere, even in very poor countries, so that they can continue to expand their money making.  But what we do know is with the internet, computer and smart phone, pornography is in almost every home and almost every man’s life.  This temptation and vice is destroying sexual purity, value of women, the meaning of sex and marriage.

wpid-photo-21-sep-2013-1452But the putting of a sex scene in almost every “normal” movie has also contributed to the continuous promotion of casual sex.  Sex has simply become a means of personal satisfaction without any connection to its real biological purpose of creating children.  TV continues to break every sexual stigma and is watched for hours everyday by the majority of Catholics, and especially young Catholics.  Pornography is on almost every Cable or Satellite that most Catholics have coming right into their homes.

To finish this partial analysis of how the world has influenced the destruction of the Catholic family, I want to state how to have a permanent happy Catholic marriage and family.  It is by a holy virgin man and holy virgin woman, who have never known anything about dirty sex, to get married in the Holy Sacrament of Marriage.  Then, with prayer begin to discover the great beauty and pleasure of sex to have children.  Through this sacred sex, God will then begin to give them children.  They will love their parents and take some of the pressure off of the couple to have to fill all the emotional needs they have.  Their love and holiness will grow each day.

JP Wedding-130We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to have this divine knowledge on how to be a holy and happy family.