The Attack Of The Traditional Catholic Family In Churches

Well known to all of you reading this, the Family is under attack everywhere;

holy_family_father_and_son_corbertgauthierBut I want to start by listing how the family is attacked today inside the Catholic Church;

  • The Pope, many cardinals and bishops who for “pastoral” reasons think that couples living in adultery should be able to receive Holy Communion.
  • At the recent Synod on The Family where in the first draft, adultery and sodomy were supported.
  • Some cardinals, bishops, religious and priests living the homosexual life and supporting homosexual unions and marriage in their dioceses and parishes.
  • If you preach against divorce or homosexual unions, you are disliked and chided by many of the Catholic parishioners.  It is very probable that you will also be called “on the carpet” by your pastor or bishop like what happened to Fr. Michael Rodriguez.
  • Annulments are encouraged and relatively easy to obtain even when one of the parties believes their marriage is valid.
  • Almost unanimous usage of birth control by most “practicing” Catholics.  This undermines the end of marriage, which is conceiving children.
  • Some Catholic hospitals allowing sterilization of men and women in their facilities.,
  • Catholic doctors prescribing birth control pills, tubal ligation, vasectomy and IUDs.
  • Catholic pharmacist filling these prescriptions.
  • Strong criticism or jokes directed at large Catholic families by other Catholic family members and people in general.  They joke that they have no TV, so that they end up having more sexual relations, acting as if all the families with 2 children are not having relations.
  • Catholic youth having premarital sex and abortions at the same rate as non-Catholics.
  • Catholic youth living together without the Holy Sacrament of Matrimony.
  • Catholics believe in divorce and divorce at a rate equal to all non-Catholics.
  • Increasing experimenting with homosexual sex by Catholic youth.
  • Huge epidemic of men and young men, (some women are starting to too), indulging in and have the vice of pornography and masterbation.  This terrible vice is brought into the marriage and causes hyper-sexual expectations that have nothing to do with procreation and are plain evil.  Pornography causes the man to the use of his spouse as an object for pleasure rather than his holy wife.
  • Natural family planning is often used as a means of not conceiving children.  Many times I have been told of the “let down” of a couple using NFP when their “open to life” actually happens and the wife becomes pregnant.  Many men sin by not having normal sexual relationships during the time of abstinence.  Children are still seen as an option rather than a blessing from God.
  • The general belief today among Catholics, that morals change and that sex before marriage, adultery, divorce, homosexual sex and birth control are no longer immoral.
  • There is also great pressure put on bishops, religious and priests to go along with the LBGT agenda by practicing homosexual Catholics.  These people can make life very miserable, and even make threats on peoples lives, if they do not go along with them.  The LBGT are feared like the ISIS are feared.  They can put people who oppose them out of business, black mail them, threaten them and be violent if they get in their way.
  • Miss understanding of what christian compassion is.  The pope, cardinals, religious and priests should be compassionate.  But by supporting people in adultery and sodomy, instead of “loving the sinner” and helping him out of sin, they are “loving the sin” out of compassion, and that is wrong.  Compassion means not allowing someone you love to be damned forever in the burning flames of hell.

Martin-FamilyHere is how other non-Catholic churches influence our Catholic Families.

  • Non-Catholic couples are divorcing and getting remarried in non-Catholic church services.  This puts pressure on the Catholics to get divorce and remarried in church when ever there is some problem rather than fixing the problem.
  • Ministers say there is nothing wrong with divorce and remarriage, as long as there has been some infidelity involved.  This is contrary to the Holy Bible.
  • Many non-Catholic churches welcome and marrying homosexual couples.
  • Many non-Catholic “bishops”, “priests” and ministers have divorced and remarried or are openly living the homosexual sex life.
  • There are also many non-Catholic churches who, as of yet, do not condone homosexual sex or marriage.
  • Protestants are told that using birth control is a responsible thing.

As we can see, the family, your family, my family is being attacked in the Catholic Church as well as in the non-Catholic churches as well.  But by our prayers, examples, sacrifices and humility we can help hold our family and other families together in God’s love.  We are so blessed to know God’s plan for the happiness and love of our own families.