God Is Our Father, Jesus Our Brother And Mary Our Mother

Every time we pray the “Our Father”, we can enter into communion with our Divine Family, of the Holy Trinity. For this reason we call God, Father, because He is the head of our Divine and Eternal family. He is also Our Father, because He created us.  That is why we truly belong to him. But we are also, adopted brothers of Jesus, because we have the same Father through our baptism, and thus are able to say Abba, Father.

Trinity_pious picture2From the cross, Jesus also gave us His own mother, Mary. That is why we have, in a way, a divine/human family, (Jesus is God, Mary is human). We need to appreciate this, our family, too.

Our natural family will disappear, in a sense, after death. As Jesus said that in heaven there is no marriage or taking in marriage.  This means that the human bonds will unimportant, and the supernatural friends, God, Mary, the Saints, the Angels will become important.

We will recognize our family members that are saved, but they will be more intimate with us depending on their level of love and holiness in God.  We will continue to love them, but not so much in a natural way.

Murillo_2 Trinities_NGL_1675-82We can also become children of the devil as Jesus said in the Gospel of St. John: “Your father is the devil.
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” When we sin, we relinquish our supernatural heritage as adopted children of God, and put ourselves under the power and influence of the devil.  We lose our dignity as children of God as we lose our self control, use of freewill.  We become slaves to our passions and servants of the devil in his evil plan for our and the world’s destruction.

AP_satan_illustration_kab_140107_4x3_992The abode, where we can go to spend time with our Supernatural Family, is at the Holy Latin Mass, Holy Communion and at prayer with God.

We are blessed by God to given our natural family where we should be able to find healthy human love.  But it is only temporary, can easily be lost and not always loving.  So in our search for deep lasting love and family, we must begin with faith.  Faith tells us that God is really and eternally Our Father, Jesus is really our adopted Brother and Mary our really our tender Heavenly Mother.

Even though we can not physically touch God, other than in the Holy Eucharist, He is omnipresent.  Even though our ears do not hear Him speak, we have His words being spoken through the Holy Bible.
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 Even though we cannot see Him, we can see His actions in nature, people and miracles.