Each Human Being Has Only One Mother And One Father

I want to make an in-depth study into:

  • what it means to be a family,
  • who is our family,
  • how having a healthy family keeps us from being depressed
  • and how serious the attack on the family in every area of society is.

holynamemaryThis will take quite a few articles to properly cover such a vast and important subject.

I want to start with natural sociological and scientific facts.  Religion and family have always been important parts of every culture and through out all of human history.  No matter what religion people may practice or even if they confess to being atheists, the family and its well being is, and always has been, very important to every person on earth.

Even though most people have been heavily influenced in schools to be very secular, progressive and scientific, every human being in existence still only has one real biological father and mother.  But despite this scientific fact, many people are loosing their common sense and common knowledge of what it means to be human and from where they came from.  This is because they have create their own subjective, relativistic belief system about everything, including science, religion, morals and and worse yet, even their “concept” of reality itself.

LIFE-GENDEROne of these realities that is being denied, is the plain fact that there can be the conception of a child, without the sperm of a real male person and an ovum of a real woman person.

This has happened because people, who can not naturally have children, (like two lesbian women, two homosexual men, old women past menopause, and infertile women), still want to have a child.  So doctors and scientist have fooled around with the sacred fertilization process to conceive a human person in a laboratory.

Because of this, people are forgetting that without a real man’s sperm and a real woman’s ovum, no conception can take place in a laboratory.  No matter how advanced science has become, without this real man and this real woman, we still have no way of conceiving a human baby.  No matter how advanced or how hard they try, scientist will never be able to create life.  Only God is able to create life; vegetive, animal or human.

familyRe-stating this common sense and scientific fact is very important, because it leads back to the fact that every person, conceived in a mother’s womb or on a petri dish, has a real male father and a real female mother.  This can be genetically proved without a doubt.  And that leads to the God given reality, that these babies also have a family, whether the sperm and ovum donator likes it or not.  The truth still is: Father’s sperm + Mother’s ovum still = a son or daughter.

This fact does not change even when homosexuals pay a surrogate mother to carry a child conceived by one of the male’s sperm with a purchased ovum from the egg bank. t The baby that is conceived, still has the male as the biological father and the woman (who sold her ovum) as the biological mother.  The genetic makeup comes from them both.  All the genetic traits; color of eyes, height, facial characteristics, strengths and propensity to sicknesses, come from either the male and female’s genes that were already programmed into the genes found in the sperm and ovum.

vargas gonzales family 025-1And no matter how much we fool around with who is called the dad or mom, or say they have two moms or two dads, the plane scientific fact is, no, this child has a biological family.   And not only do they get their genetic makeup from their true parents, but also from all their grandparents and great grandparents who produced their real dad and mom.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to know that God created our first parents and through them each one of us.  And we also simply know, we have a real dad and real mom, no two dads or two moms or no parent.

But whether you are a traditional Catholic, atheist, progressive, scientist, protestant, muslim, hindu, jew, non-denominational or what ever, if you are still breathing, after God, only your family and friends should be important to you and the source of your happiness.