Traditional Catholic Truth Cannot “Coexistence” With Lies

We traditional Catholics believe only in the loving powerful existence of Of Jesus Christ the King.  That means that Jesus imposes His loving laws on everyone in Christendom.  We do not believe in “coexisting” with false or satanic religions.  Anyway it is obvious it is not working in Europe.  TRUTH cannot coexist with ERROR.

pope 3Pope Francis “calls on everyone to oppose every method of spreading hate” which he says “radically undermines the fundamental good of peaceful coexistence of people despite national, religious and cultural differences”.

This is a fine ideal that everyone wishes for.  They are easy words to say.  But in reality they will never work.

We will never have peace until everyone, Catholic or not, will obey the Laws of Love that Jesus has given to His Catholic Church. God created us humans.  Jesus redeemed us from the devil and eternal damnation.  For this reason, only the Church started by Jesus Christ has the true way to PEACE.  Until there is no more sin, and everyone is in the One family of the Catholic Church, will there be peace.  All these words of, “we need to stop hating”, “we need to coexist” are empty platitudes that have not brought about peace.

catholic-coexist1Remember all the religions getting together and praying and talking about peace in Assisi under Pope John Paul II.  Where is the peace from that?
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 Just a few years ago, Pope Benedict did the same thing.  Where is the peace from that?  All the meetings with the muslims and Pope Francis in Israel, where is the peace from that.

430_Assisi-01Jesus is the only Prince of Peace and He can not coexist with the prince of this world.  The Psalms say it very well, the gods of the pagans are demons.
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Peace and Unity only come from one Truth, Jesus, not many “truths” of all the false religions started by men.

A man told me that when discussing with the Jehovah Witnesses he asks them who started their religion.  They answer: Charles Russell. Then he asks them, where is he: and they say dead.  He then tells them the founder of the Catholic Church is Jesus who died, but now is risen, ALIVE with us right now.