What Has Gone Wrong In The Catholic Church? Vatican II?

This morning, a young man who studied all his life at Catholic schools, up till this year when he began College, asked; what happened after Vatican II?  He told me how two of his classmates from catholic school are no longer Catholic and are now going to “Cross Roads”, a non-denominational, (fast religion chain, like fast food chain).

vaticanIIBefore we get into the answer to his question, which is rather complex, a few simple facts need to be reiterated:

  1. The devil hates the only One Holy Catholic Church founded by Jesus Christ in 33AD.
  2. He has tried to destroy it since its beginning, 2000 years ago.
  3. He wants to destroy it because the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church are the only ones that truly have the unbroken Apostolic Succession and therefore are the only ones who have valid Sacraments.
  4. He wants to destroy Her because She is the only church that has the true ordination of priests. This is the true priesthood of Jesus Christ, by the unbroken passing on by the laying on of hands from the Apostles to the bishops, up until today, in the Ordination Rite of Priest.
  5. The devil wants to destroy Her because, she is the only Church that has the Eucharist and Confession.  Since we have the true priesthood of Jesus Christ, we are the only ones who can consecrate the bread and wine into the Real Body and Blood of Jesus and forgive sins.
  6. The devil is father of all divisions, called “schisms”, that have been ripping the Body of Christ apart.  This has happened from the very inception of the Catholic Church.
  7. He is also a liar.  He uses his servants to introduce false teachings, called heresies, into the Church.  These also have been plaguing the Church from the beginning as we find written down by St. Paul in his Letters.


“But I fear lest, as the serpent seduced Eve by his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted, and fall from the simplicity that is in Christ.

For if he that cometh preacheth another Christ, whom we have not preached; or if you receive another Spirit, whom you have not received; or another gospel which you have not received; you might well bear with him.”  2 Cor.11:3-4

So, to get back with the question, “What has happened to the Church since Vatican II”, here is what I explained to him.

1946_Boze_cia_o_WarszawaIn Europe, after the horrors of World War II, people inside and outside the Catholic Church were disenchanted with life, and society in general, after seeing such massive destruction and taking of human lives.  They wanted to try to find a different way of thinking and living that would not provoke similar wars in the future.

“The present-day conditions of the world add greater urgency to this work of the Church so that all men, joined more closely today by various social, technical and cultural ties, might also attain fuller unity in Christ.”  Vatican II document Lumen Gentium, Nov. 21 1964

So they thought if people would all be of the same religion, there would be less fighting.  So the ecumenical movement, that had always been around in a small way, began trying to find common denominators contained in all religions.  And so the Catholic Church began to allow Catholics to go to other religion’s services and work together on social justice issues, like peace.  (Remember that Catholics attending other religious services had always been condemned as sinful before).

Before this, Catholics truly believed in what was contained int the Creed, especially the Antanasius Creed, that clearly stated that anyone who was not a Catholic was condemned.  Here is the beginning of this wonderful Truly Catholic Creed.

“Whoever wishes to be saved, needs above all to hold the Catholic faith; unless each one preserves this whole and inviolate, he will without a doubt perish in eternity.”

Can you imagine finding any Catholic pope, cardinal, bishop, religious, priest or faithful believing in this anymore since Vatican II?

The Catholic Church taught that all Sacraments, graces and truth, were only to be found in Her.  And for this reason, Salvation is only found in the Catholic Church.

St. Bellarmine, in his classic treatise “De ecclesia militante”, (“The Church Militant”), explains how membership in the true Church is defined by her three visible and external bonds of unity. He says that:

“this one and true Church is the assembly of men bound together by the profession of the same Christian faith and the communion of the same sacraments, under the rule of the legitimate pastors, and especially that of the Roman Pontiff, the one Vicar of Christ on earth.”

The Church also taught that the Bible was truly the Word of God, and that the only true interpretation and translation is found in the Catholic Church.  This is very important, because afterwards, Catholics began using all different kinds Bibles, Catholic and protestant.   Many of us began reading the simple English Version called: the Good News Bible or Today’s English Version.

good-news-bibleEveryone began to study the Bible and everyone began to have their own interpretation on it.  This was especially the case with the Charismatic Movement that had both, Catholics and protestants teaching each other from their Bible with their own interpretation.  Many of these, emphasized living the Acts of the Apostles and St. Paul’s Epistles in a literal and fundamental way.  And for this reason they put a lot of attention to the Charisms of speaking in tongues and prophecies, (and their interpretation of), being given at every prayer meeting.  I experience this for the years when I would attend the prayer group at my Parish, (Resurrection), in Aptos California.

A great novelty began too that the pope, cardinals, bishops, religious, priests were not that important anymore.  A great deal of importance was put on the new title for the Church, People of God.  There began to be lay theologians and nuns taking over what “Father” used to do.  Everyone became an expert on everything.  Catholics became “protestants” in being able to interpret the Bible and to decide what was correct teaching of the Church or not.  It all was and still is very subjective.  You make your own “Catholic” religion.  It is better known today as a cafeteria Catholic.

But probably the greatest element that caused the Vatican II revolution, whom many call “The Spirt of Vatican II” was when Pope Paul VI started a committee to study if using birth control could be changed from sin to sin no longer.  And of course this committee came out proclaiming that you could now use birth control and that the Church should change her moral teachings on it.

caravaggio_flagellationofchrist.thisoneFrom this questioning by the pope, most cardinals, bishops, religious, priests and theologians began telling Catholics that it was no longer a sin to use birth control.  This was the stepping stone that would be used to change all Catholic teachings and morals.

babyfeetIn Holland, the bishops came up with a new Dutch Catechism.  It was very progressive.  From these “Catechism” that changed Church teachings, came belief that each Catholic was now able to decide what he believed.  One of those things was; “do I need to go to Mass on Sunday any more?”  Since it no longer was a sin to eat meat on Fridays, why do I need to go to mass on Sundays.  So the Dutch Catholics began leaving the Church in droves.  Today there are only a few old people who go to mass.  Also, on most Sundays, they only have a woman giving a “Communion Service”.

Also, before all Catholics firmly believed all Truth was to be found in the Catholic Church.  But then Vatican II documents stated that truths were found in other religions and in social, political and physical sciences.  Pope John XXIII wanted to bring about agiornamento, or updating of the Catholic Faith so that it could be relevant to non Catholics.  Church members doubted the greatness contained in the Church and look out side of her.

There is a great cartoon that shows a priest in an empty church.  It says, we opened the Church doors to the world, and it seems everyone has left the Church.

There are so many other components to the destruction of the Catholic Faith.  But one thing we all do know, is the aftermath of all of this is that almost all of our family members no longer practicing the Catholic faith or have left it.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to still believe in and to practice our Catholic Faith.