“Death With Dignity” Is Devil’s Fast Lane To Hell

With all the hype about the dramatic death departure of Brittany Maynard by assisted suicide, you would think that it is a wonderful thing to die.  It may even make you wish you had some terminal illness so that you could also kill yourself and become a “death” star.victorian-death-bed

As traditional Catholics we value life; from the instant a child is conceived in his mother’s womb and throughout every stage to natural death at a mature old age.  We appreciate this great gift that God has given to us called LIFE.   It makes natural, and intellectual sense, that LIFE is something good and worth protecting.   Any normal person wants to stay alive.  There is a very strong inherent instinct in all living beings, (human, animal or insect), to survive and stay alive.  Just try killing any animal, it will fight back with all its strength to not be killed.

LIFE-GENDERAs the taking of a human life in a mother’s womb has become very common, humans have become comfortable with killing and death.  Life has lost its value and become dispensable.

skulls from Aztec ritualToday the tendency is to call the killing of an unwanted person by the parent or caregiver or by assisted suicide, an “act of kindness”.   Be very wary if you are on this possible death sentence list:

  • a handicapped person,
  • an unwanted pregnancy,
  • a baby in the womb with a defect or with down syndrome,
  • a patient with Alzheimer,
  • someone in pain,
  • a depressed person
  • or someone who has terminal cancer.

Before long, this list will grow to include:

  • sick people,
  • lazy people,
  • problem people,
  • and whom ever else society deems dispensable or a nuisance.

More than likely it will soon also include us traditional Catholics because our morals and our resolution to not support or participate in sinful acts, will be classified as criminal and worthy of the death sentence.  It will be categorized under the crime against human rights and hate crimes for not supporting abortion and homosexual sin.

abortEspecially at this time in human history, there needs to be a voice of sanity speaking out:

  1. It is absurd that a baby in the womb is not human.  We all began there.
  2. Life is precious, no matter who he is or what sickness he may have.

The list of human defects that “justify killing people” can continuously be changed to include the killing of all sorts of different groups of human beings.  Watch out, anyone could be on it.

deathAll that is just on the natural level.  When you go to the supernatural level, that has been revealed to us through the words of Jesus Christ, we see that the killing of innocent people or committing suicide, does not get the death sentence but the “hell sentence”.  What I mean is, if you do not go to confession for having participated in the killing of a baby in the womb, or participated in helping someone kill themselves, or the killing of someone else or committing suicide, your have right now been given by God the eternal sentence of hell.

Death_Dance of_stained glass_detail2So, we also want to be “voices of sanity” that keep saying:

  1. Suicide is not the solution, it just puts you in the eternal problem of hell.
  2. Murder of innocent human life is a grave sin against God and others.
  3. Life is short.
  4. Natural death is certain.
  5. Eternity is forever, (where do you want to spend it, in joys of heaven or pains of hell).

Angel of Death_VERNET, HoraceWe are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to be warned about the devil’s snares to get us to do what others deem “correct”, when God is telling us the complete opposite.  Life is difficult, and at times we do feel like giving up, but the solution is not “death with dignity” or suicide, because this only makes things eternally worse.  Think you are suffering here, it is absolutely nothing in comparison with the suffering of damned people in hell.