Be Wise Men And Adore Jesus In Traditional Catholicism

I am a traditional Catholic precisely because of the respect and adoration given to Jesus in all the Latin Sacraments, especially the Holy Tridentine Mass.
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 If you have not found this treasure yet, be like the Wise Men and go in search of Jesus in Catholic tradition.

wisemenIIIAs a child I always loved the Christmas Hymn “We Three Kings”.  As a child I could easily envision them following a bright star in heaven.  I was raised on an apple ranch in Aptos California far away from city lights.
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 You could enjoy the majestic beauty found every night in the sky above.  My dad was a Navy pilot instructor and showed us how he was taught to navigate by studying the placement of the stars in the sky.  So of course, the stars had special meaning to us as he would point out the different cluster of stars and their names, (As you all know them by too, “Small Dipper”, “Large Dipper”, etc…).

A012_WiseMenAdorationThese three Wise Men or Magi, who traveled following the star have great things to teach us.  First off they were wealthy men willing to prostrate themselves on the ground in adoration in front of the Child Jesus.  How many Catholics will not dare kneel for Jesus in Holy Communion.  How many times I have seen them get so angry because in the Latin Mass they had to kneel to receive God in Holy Communion.  These educated and rich men were willing to humble themselves before God.  Are we that much richer and better than they are?

communion-kneelingThese prideful Catholics have a horrible surprise waiting for all them when they die.  They will see this “HOLY, HOLY, HOLY GOD’ face to face.  They will be humbled and have to bow down before Him, no more personal preference of standing or kneeling.

kneeling 2The Israelites trembled with fear when God gave Moses the 10 Commandments on Mount Sinai.  They begged him to please not have them come to close to that Holy Mountain.  This is the God, hidden in the Holy Communion wafer.  This is the same God hidden in the humanity of the tiny baby before whom the Magi prostrated themselves down on the grown in adoration.  May we all be willing to educate and tell other Catholics who it is in the Holy Communion wafer, that they may know, what we know, that God is HOLY, HOLY, HOLY and deserves to be adored.

Psalter.8- Kneeling Knight, Westminster PsalterWe can learn so much from these Holy Kings.  We can be “wise men” too.  It is not too late to change and be seekers of a more intimate friendship with Jesus.  But be ready, if you do seek, it could cost you a lot;

  • traveling,
  • suffering,
  • risks,
  • discomfort,
  • time,
  • discipline,
  • poverty,
  • concerns,
  • loneliness,
  • maybe even death.

Journey of the Magi_stained glass_ChartresIf you do decide to journey along with the Magi, you will be required to leave a lot behind;

  • family,
  • friends,
  • work,
  • country,
  • comfort,
  • school,
  • career,
  • security,
  • money,
  • what is familiar,
  • and home.

11_01_01_adormagiThe Holy Kings were from Persia. They had to travel far, through many dangers.  But, because they were exceptional men, who lived in search of God, they were willing to sacrifice what was familiar and to go through dangers and risks to find Jesus.  And it paid off, they found Him.

Most people today are very afraid to leave their own very small world.

  • their family,
  • their school,
  • their work,
  • their friends,
  • their parish,
  • their country,
  • their language,
  • their home,
  • their bed,
  • their property,
  • their money.

And for this reason, this small world they live in, most of them will never found their vocation, their mission or their fulfillment in life.

Most of humanity is enclosed in the blindness of their tiny world.  They will never get out of it.

Jacques Daret_Magi_Altarpiece of the Virgin_Berlin, Staatliche Museen-1433-35But the reality of our Baptismal call is that each one of us are all called to something holier, something greater.  But because it is so difficult, it will take great courage to reach it and most will never try to reach it.

This year, decide to leave everything that is dominating your life. Expand, move and be free.  Do not be stopped by your small minded, small world enemies:

  • people criticizing you,
  • people talking about you,
  • and others telling trying to tell you how to live your life.

The only enemies will not be just those outside of you, but also in you: your own interior enemies that want to keep you in your small world:

  • laziness,
  • fear of the unknown.

But do not forget that, with God, everything is possible.  It is so good to be a traditional Catholic and know this.  Following in the footsteps of the holy Kings, we will follow the star and go to God and there hopefully find the mission He has planned for us.