Much Of Catholic Tradition Comes From The Bible

We Catholics are founded on oral tradition, called the deposit of faith, that is not found written down in the Bible, but was orally passed on by the Apostles.   We also have practical traditions, like how the Holy Mass was offered by the Apostles and the early Church, that was passed down by example and verbal teaching.  It was then put down in a written form in what we call Missals.  These ancient Missals can be found in the Vatican Library and other libraries through out the world.  Very few people have access to them.
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 For this reason few of us average Catholics are experts on these oral or practical Traditions.

still_life_with_open_bible_candlestick_and_novelThat being said, still, a great deal of Catholic traditions and dogma are found right in the Holy Bible.  For this reason each one of us can be and should be experts on these written Biblical traditions.  It is easy to access because almost all of us own a Bible that contains most of the moral and theological Catholic tradition.

Whore-babylon-luther-bible-1534[1]We need to be people who regularly read and study the Holy Bible.  In this way we can defend Catholic tradition against those Catholics who teach there is nothing wrong with second marriages or homosexual sex.

Dore Bible Gallery_Walking on Water 1866-1891_When you are using the “Word of God”, the Holy Bible to defend Catholic tradition and morals and you have a hard time remembering where it is in the Bible, you can go to Douay Rheims Bible on the internet.   All you need to do is type in a word in the search space, like “homosexual”, and it will automatically come up with all the passages you are looking for.

Sometimes it may take putting in a different word or more words to find what you are looking for.   But usually you can find what you need very easily.

You can also use DuckDuckGo or K9safesearch to search for a Bible passage you would like to share to uphold Catholic Christian tradition.  method_of_interpreting_bible_prophecy

So as we have entered a new year, why not dedicate some of it to knowing the Bible better.  Why not gather together some friends to study the Bible.  You may not know the accurate interpretation, but you can look that up to on the 1914 Catholic Encyclopedia at  Just put in the subject you are having questions on from the Bible passage in the search area and see what comes up.

Add.10546 f.5v Adam and Eve, from the Moutier-Grandval Bible, illuminated in the Carolingian Abbey of St. Martin, Tours, Latin, c.834-843 (vellum)We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to be able to have the Holy Bible right at out finger tips to help us live our traditional Catholic faith, to share it and to defend it.