Masonic, Illuminati Influence In Mexico And The Americas

Today, most part of the people do not put importance to the danger and power of the illuminati or Masons.  When I talk about Freemasonry or Illuminati, they say I am paranoid, thinking like those that always are afraid of the conspiracy theories.
illuminati2But the reality and proof that we must take them into account, is that it was they, the freemasons, who were behind all the massacres of the Cristeros in the years 1926-29.  They worked in the revolutionary institutional party (PRI) under the leadership of President Plutarco Calles to try destroy the Catholic Church.
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jayz_illuminatiSadly, I, an American, know a lot more than the average Mexican on the history of Mexico, the Cristeros and the masons.  It all began in 1840, with the sick Benito Juárez.  Since this time, the masons of Spain and United States greatly influenced the politics of Mexico.
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 And from this time until 1940, there has been great persecution of the Catholic Church, the killings of priests and parishioners.   Schools hide this history and instead put the masons as the great liberators of Mexico from Spain and from the oppression of the Catholic Church.
How-the-Illuminati-are-Reordering-the-Middle-EastAs always, since the French Revolution, freemasonry has always penetrated and manipulated governments, (“Filibuster”), to bring about a revolution against the influence that the Catholic Church had on the government to maintain the rights of God, good Catholic education and good morals in society.
Luis Padilla 2In the history of Mexico, before the revelation against Spain, there were more universities than in Spain, more schools, more orphanages, hospitals and services to the poor.  This history always repeats itself; Revolution, theft of the property of the Catholic Church and fewer services to the people, especially the most poor.
If you study the history of Mexico, Central America and South America, it is always the same story.  Revolutions, instituting laws against the Catholic Church,  theft of the property of the Church, forced government schools to education and brainwash the youth, and more suffering for the poor.  And it was always the Freemasons behind everything this.
PFA89439The word “Cristiada” means; Christ is King, through his Church, and has rights over all humans, including the Government.  This is called “Christendom”.
Sacred Heart St Margaret Mary_stained glassAnd one of the symbols for Christendom is the sacred heart of Jesus because it has the crown of thorns around Jesus Heart.    That is why when you look at photos of the Cristeros, they often have a picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
sacredheart21When Jesus revealed His Sacred Heart to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, she was told to tell the King of France to put His Sacred Heart on the French flag to win wars for the temporary French Kingdom.
logocristeroThe Cristeros were also fighting for their faith and their homeland of Mexico.
We are very blessed to be traditional Catholics and obey our King Jesus.